Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

In the core of River valley lies another improvement known as Canninghill square. Canninghill square, which is the redevelopment of three significant organizations will be a coordinated improvement directly close to the Singapore River.

This proposed bargain was made by City Developments Limited Hospitality Trusts. Liang court can be found in a great region with a twofold facade pined to confront Canninghill and the Singapore River. City development Limited has a chance to impress individuals with their high rising riverfront private improvement that gives a wonderful perspective on the Singapore River and the Downtown core area. Canninghill square integrated developments will offer inhabitants the solace of top-notch F&B and retail outlets directly close to their home. Speculators and home stayers have energetically trusted that the property will be reshaped into another center of attraction along the Singapore River for the neighborhood and global guests.

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Canninghill square will have the best features as more amenities would be added to the encompassing of the property. This arrangement agrees with an arrangement to make Clarke quay and its surrounding territory an additionally intriguing spot despite the pandemic. Clarke quay will be the first place to profit from the loosing of the limitations on social gatherings by the Government and individuals will assemble again in an a atmosphere of conviviality.

Transportation is simple as there are key transportation networks all through the city. Newton MRT station, for instance, is near Canninghill square all things considered inhabitants will profit from this and have easy access to the area. Close to the condominiums are Bukit Timah Road and Kampong Java Road that will connect other significant roads in the city. If you own a vehicle, you can head to shopping malls and business centers on the Pan Island Expressway and the Central Expressway that will allow them to get to any part of Singapore. In Canninghill Square, access to amenities and different places in Singapore is easy.


Canninghill Square by CDL and Capitaland Located Near to the Heart of Singapore Former Liang Court Near to Shopping Centres

What makes Canninghill square an incredible spot is that it is situated at the core of District 9 – the heart of Singapore, along these lines, inhabitants can undoubtedly get to different pieces of the island. That makes Canninghill square an awesome venture for some, organizations including outsiders that need to remain nearby and live in a quiet environment too. District 9 has a ton of conveniences including recreation exercises, shopping, eating foundations, and some more. Canninghill square makes getting anywhere easy. Residents can stroll to first-rate shopping centers in Singapore. The United square shopping Mall is within strolling distance.

If you work at CBD, that is amazing. You can get to work in no time. There is a high demand for neighborhoods in Canninghill square and if you own a structure there, you can charge high rental expenses. To add to the primary advantages of living in Canninghill square District 9, schools and medical clinics are close by. As should be obvious, with regards to transportation, living in Canninghill square is an easy decision.

Shopping centers are various and are all within walking distance. You don’t have to leave your area. These shopping centers have offered food and entertainment services. Likewise, skincare outlets, hospitals, food stores, and massage places are situated within the region. Every one of these outlets keeps you physically and mentally refreshed.

Location of Canninghill Square District 09 Near to Riverside Point and UE Square Mall Former Liang Court Singapore

Canning Hill Square is full of conveniences. There are many shopping malls in District 9, people who are searching for a wide cluster of worldwide brands might want to check out. A wide exhibit of food, medical services, shopping, retail and different types of entertainment are found in the shops close to Canninghill square leaving customers fulfilled after shopping.

The Riverside point:

Riverside point is a great spot to shop. Riverside point has a tremendous assortment of food alternatives, for example, Brewerks, Jumbo Seafood, Harry’s, and café iguana, and is situated in a spot that gives a stunning atmosphere of the beautiful city! Talking about beauty, their glass atrium is unquestionably worth looking into as well. Riverside Point additionally offers astounding boat rides that customers can ride free of charge or a little expense.

UE Square Mall:

This shopping center is situated at the focal point of the city. This makes this center exceptionally convenient to the inhabitants staying in the River Valley and Orchard areas. It is the vision of famous architect Professor Kenzo Tange, who brought the incorporation of UE Square Mall, Park Avenue Suites, and two office blocks making one of the mixed improvements in Singapore incorporates the private, office, and business segments. Canninghill Square is likewise close to the Singapore River and has a wide assortment of cafés and apparel stores. Although the shopping center is little in examination, there are occupants in the shopping center like Cold Storage.

Clarke Quay Central:

Lastly, there is Clarke Quay Central found right close to Canninghill Square Clarke Quay MRT Station. This business area incorporates different retail locations, entertainment spots, and eateries. Perhaps the greatest draw for this spot is a Japanese store called Don Donki, where you can buy a wide scope of Japanese products like food, kitchenware, and even electronics. Night meals can be purchase from places like BurgerKing, TCC, F&B, and even Astons close to Canninghill Square former Liang Court. These are only a couple of the choices you can discover in this astounding area!

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Malls near Canninghill square that have F&B and retail.

o Knightsbridge

o Orchard Shopping Center

o Paragon Shopping Center

o Forum The Shopping Mall

o The Center point

o Ngee Ann City

o Three World Trade Center

o Tanglin Mall

o Far East Shopping Center

o City Square Mall

o Far East Plaza

o Concorde Shopping Mall

o Orchard Central

o 313@somerset

o Peninsula Shopping Center Singapore

o Mandarin Gallery

Spots to get great food in Canninghill square.

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

In District 9, we offer a ton of products and services and on account of that numerous Singapore, inhabitants need to remain here. You can get any assistance you need here, and it’s opened each day from 11 am to 10 pm. Other significant conveniences are additionally around Canninghill road. It has many joints for entertainment and food. As yet developing, conveniences like medical services, places of worship, and stores have been worked over the course of the years close to the former Liang Court Canninghill Square. These are the sorts of spots that bring joy to the hearts of visitors.

Canninghill Square Near to Restaurants Integrated Development at Singapore River

Eatery and street food are offered close to Canninghill square. The food is perfect and there is a 100% assurance that you won’t become ill. The street walk foods are less expensive than the food court food where you have a bit of leeway of the great perspectives across. As you notice the smoothness of the river you appreciate a breathtaking fish dinner. Nightlife and Entertainment Spots Located Near to Canninghill Square For Owners.

There are several bars to engage you which are;

Get squeezed: This elite bar offers modest alcohol of any name with a glass of mixed drink. It pulls in a small bunch of guests and plays alleviating music. Take advantage and visit them.

Chupitos Shots bar: This bar offers the most ideal shots and mixed drinks and has had practical experience in just this area that will get you freshened up and invigorated for some better time.

Crazy Elephant: They offer mad classics and jazz from the ‘70s, this club exploits the old American funk dance clubs and metros by lighting and taste in music. Walk and Roll with booze and some dance steps.

Level up: You will appreciate the 80’s and 90’s music in this arcade bar at the Quay. It has a hoard fascination alongside the great service and restrictive alcohol arrangements and names too at the counter.

Zouk and Attica: The most mainstream clubs that bring current music under electrical lights. This will perk you up from the less other “exhausting” music if you are a hype person.


If you are visiting Singapore and want to have some fun with your loved ones, boys and girls alike will love Amazonia Singapore. Amazonia is an indoor playground that makes it unique and impossible to resist. Amazonia has a jumbo slide that is four stories high. As you walk into this area, the toddler area is the first place you see. Children normally can’t wait to get begin playing. They barely take in their footwear before going to play. Amazonia has top-notch mats made from soft foam and the region is well stocked with toy partitions and blocks of foam, cushions for the floor, or even a slide made from foam this is the first-rate even for little youngsters.

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Many other children-friendly places to spend quality time with your own family and friends.

The Amped Trampoline Park

Amped Trampoline Park is an area in which every person ends up reaping rewards no matter their age. Using the trampolines supplies very good cardiovascular exercise. Parents might get to exercise even as kids have some fun time.

The Polliwogs Vivocity.

You may create amusing memories with your children and own family in-keep and in a warm environment. Their adventurous play arenas and various leisure applications assist to create new social interactions. The polliwogs fun ambassadors are skilled to put together amusing sports that create new reminiscences at some point of youngsters birthdays and circle of relatives celebrations.

History of Liang Court Located at River Valley Road.

Canninghill Square Located Near to Schools

Individuals select properties for some reasons. Schools are an explanation that justifies property choice. The accessibility of school extraordinarily influences people’s neighborhoods. Parents incline toward living in a neighborhood where the top schools are found. At the point when the top schools are within walking distance from the home, parents love it. Parents particularly appreciate just being a couple of moments from a top school.

At the point when you live close to a top school,

o Your driving time is cut down drastically

o You can spend more time in the house with your children than in the vehicle driving them.

o It would be advantageous particularly if the kid is in childcare.

Close by schools is continually something a parent ought to be aware of while choosing their home. Top schools are consistently in the absolute hottest areas. You will likewise discover more conveniences situated around top schools that oblige afterschool kids exercises. Conveniences, for example, playgrounds and swimming pools will, in general, be found close by. Some premier schools will focus on kids who live close to the school versus those that live further away. There are various schools which are close to Canninghill Square which is the beneath:

o River Valley Primary School

o Singapore Management University

o School of The Arts (SOTA)

o Stamford Primary School

o Finnish Supplementary School

o Nexus International School


o Lee Kong Chian School of Business

o Cantonment Primary School

One of the numerous childcare close to Canninghill square is Eton House Preschool at Robertson Walk.


Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Canninghill Square Integrated Developer Former Liang Court at Singapore River District 09 by Capitaland and City Developments Limited

Children Friendly Places Near to Canninghill

Liang Court which has been a favorite shopping center among residents around the River Valley has been terminated and will be revitalized into a brand new development know as Canninghill Square. Surrounded by both towering buildings and a greener park, Liang Court consists of service apartments, Hotel Otani, and a space intended for Liang Court Shopping Centre. Developed in the early 1980s by Wuthelam Group, spearheaded by Goh Cheng Liang, this property is at 177 River Valley Road, Singapore.

Canninghill Square is located in the prime area of Orchard and therefore enjoys good connectivity to other parts of Singapore and quick access to other District 09 amenities. The core city center also has a wide range of international schools to cater to the affluent and therefore convenience is readily available.

District 09 properties enable investors to enjoy good capital appreciation and many buyers will be able to see their equity value increase over time given that capital almost always flows to well-located properties. The number of transactions of property in the core city center also can be seen over time and have increased in the past couple of years.

It seems that there might be an oversupply of properties in core city center but looking at the map of Singapore there is little vacant land. Once a unit is available buyers will rush in to action. Buyers will have to buy back the core city center properties since they are familiar withe area thereby absorbing the newly released supply again. Canninghill Square by CDL and CapitaLand is a new development that will be highly sought after.

Liang Court has always been proved to be among the best properties since it has been owned. In 1999, Pidemco acquired 58.9% of its stake, which gives them the full right of its mall and apartments, thus changing the property’s name to Somerset Holdings. After a year, Somerset Holdings and Ascott Group decided to merge. After long full ownership of those mergers, the Liang Court Mall was sold to Asian Retail Mall Fund II in 2006. Liang Court is currently co-owned by three big developers in the industry, PGIM Real Estate, City Developments (CDL), and CapitaLand.

With the property’s potential dominance, the management is expected to start the first phase of Project Development in 2024. The project consists of a Hotel, Service Residences, and Commercial Complex. The venture also agreed that CDL and CapitaLand would handle the commercial and residential part of the project, while Ascott Reit will manage the 192-unit service with a hotel license.
Aside from developing the building, they will also improve the pedestrian lanes and footfall near the Singapore River for a better means of accessibility to the property.

Core City Centre Properties Still Offers a Better Real Estate Investment Choice

When it comes to investing in real estate, Singapore has always been one of the best options. The benefits are not only enjoyed by the investors but also extends to the property owner. Core City center has a high likelihood to appreciate in price and also be rented for high rates.

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