Preview and Showflat for The Reef at Kings Dock by Keppel Group

The Reef at King’s Dock is a new development located right in the heart of Harbourfront Avenue near to Vivocity MRT Station. The development is by the developer Mapletree Trust and Keppel Group and is located near to many amenities that are highly attractive to investors and homestayers are like. Typically, homestayers will prefer a location that is near to the core city centre as well as near to amenities preferably with lots shopping centres or MRT station. The Reef at King’s Dock fit this criteria very well as it is located near to Vivocity MRT Station as well as Vivocity Shopping Centre. The new Harbourfront Avenue condo is located also near to the core city centre as well as the Marina Bay financial district making it one of the most convenient new lunches will be available for sale recently.

Sentosa Boardwalk Located at Core City Centre

Sentosa Boardwalk Located at Core City Centre

The Reef at King’s Dock connectivity is highly regarded by investors given that the location is at district for which is a prime location for core city centre development. The address of Harbourfront Avenue the buyers are classy feel other than developments living in the Orchard area which are traditional prime properties that prices are very high at the moment. Developments at the Sentosa and Harbourfront Avenue area have been highly sought after as it can be seen from previous developments like Corals at Keppel Bay and Reflections at Keppel Bay which are already fully so by the developer world Keppel Group and Mapletree Trust. The Reef at King’s Dock will be more popular than this to developments given that the location is near to Vivocity MRT Station and Vivocity Shopping Centre. The development will also have a unblock view of the whole Sentosa as well as the harbourfront area. The development is widely anticipated to be a successful new launch given that the show flat is already available for viewing. The new development has is show flat there is carefully crafted to appeal to buyers who are looking for different layouts in the development. There will be the 1B room smaller layout which is to cater to investors who are keenly keeping a lookout for developments located in the core city centre near to MRT station and shopping centre. This layout will generate a lot of rental you given that the location is highly regarded and provides a good is of the native lifestyle for tenants who are looking to relax after a day’s work.

The Reef at Kings Dock Harbourfront Avenue Located at Vivocity

The Reef at Kings Dock Harbourfront Avenue Located at Vivocity

The Reef at King’s Dock is highly popular given that the location is very convenient near to both public transport as well as other forms of transport. For example The Reef at King’s Dock is near to major expressways and roads in Singapore and this makes it popular for investors who are driving. The location of Harbourfront Avenue is near to expressways such as Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway and this takes less than 30 minutes to travel to other parts of Singapore including Changi airport and Jurong East. The location Harbourfront Avenue is so well connected that it is considered the central location for all parts of Singapore. For those who prefer the to the public transport such as the MRT, Vivocity MRT Station is actually a interchange between the Circle line as well as the North East line in Singapore and therefore it is very convenient to travel to other parts of Singapore as well. The Circle line connects easily to other parts of Singapore such as Bishan as well as to other parts of Singapore making it a very convenient MRT Line.
So for buyers who are keenly keeping a lookout for development around the area, it can be noted that Vivocity Shopping Centre and harbourfront shopping centre are located near to the development. Therefore there are a lot of and amenities nearby that cater to buyers for individual own stay. There are many amenities located Vivocity shopping centre such as gourmet restaurants and thematic bars and this are some of the few amenities that cosmopolitan individuals will be looking at after their days work. Vivocity Shopping Centre is also very popular among the young and trendy because there are also market and cinema which are located in the development. Another shopping centre there is nearby located The Reef at King’s Dock is harbourfront Centre which is an all the shopping centre there is located next to Harbourfront Avenue. Harbourfront Avenue harbourfront Centre is a popular shopping mall on office crowd who are looking to settle their lunch.

The Reef at Kings Dock Near to Sentosa and Vivocity

The Reef at Kings Dock Near to Sentosa and Vivocity

One of the other reasons why The Reef at Kings Dock is also popular is because it is located near to many primary schools which are highly sought after by parents. Being located near to every school means that there are a lot of convenience for the parents as well as the children. Thatching the children back from the school will be more streamlined and less time is needed to and from school. Parents also had more time to spend on the work of kids given that less time is needed to spend on commutes. Some of the schools there are located near to The Reef at King’s Dock include Radin Mas Primary School as well as Telok Blangah primary school which are highly popular among parents as the school produced very good academic results for the students.

Vivocity Shopping Centre Near to Harbourfront Avenue

Vivocity Shopping Centre Near to Harbourfront Avenue

The Reef at King’s Dock is also near to many nature reserve and this is very popular among outdoor joggers who are keenly keeping a lookout for place to the evening job after the work. One of the nature reserve there is located near to The Reef at King’s Dock is Mount Faber Park which is Singapore’s biggest park that connects easily to other parks in Singapore. Mount Faber Park is easily accessible also true the cable car and visitors will be able to get the bird I view of the entire Singapore as well as our block views of Sentosa as it is one of the highest points in Singapore.


Create A Colour And Character For Closet at Your Home

Create A Colour And Character For Closet at Your Home

Create A Colour And Character For Closet at Your Home

Regardless of where or what you live in, whether it’s a mansion in the country or a studio apartment in a city, the need for it to appear attractive yet comfortable is of high priority. Whilst many people will spend hours upon hours deciding on colour schemes and creating mood boards, others simply slap on the paint and hope for the best. Although both methods could work, deciding early on as to what type of features will be displayed in the room will help in the creation of it.

One, often overlooked, area within the home that can be dressed up with colour and patterns is the window. Curtains, roller blinds and shutters can all be used to decorate a window, however creating a centre piece for your room will be easier to accomplish with patterned roller blinds.
How to Create Colour and Character Effortlessly

How to Create Colour and Character Effortlessly

Adding colour and character to a home is of extreme importance, especially if you spend a lot of your time there either relaxing or socialising. On way to do this is to purchase decorative features and furniture that is colourful, bright and eye catching. Roller blinds are a particular favourite as they appear neat, tidy and sleek whilst bright and fun.

During the day, roller blinds can be rolled up to reveal the great outdoors and allow natural light to seep into the home. However, at night when the sun is down, the blind can be rolled down to reveal a pretty and eye-catching pattern that is sure to transform a room.

When purchasing a roller blind, it is important to measure both the width of the window pane and the length. Whilst many retailers and manufacturers will sell general and standard sized blinds that are made to fit most sizes, it is definitely worth investing in a made to measure one. These will look much more appealing and tidy in the home and will last longer than traditional ones.

Even if a room is relatively plain and somewhat neutral, items such as window treatments, rugs and cushion covers can all help to add that bit of brightness and personality.

It does not matter whether you enjoy sewing only on your time off or if it is something that you do every day, the materials that are needed for this craft can quickly overwhelm the space in a room. Organizing a storage area for a seamstress will instantly increase the time and effectiveness of each sewing project.

You will also increase your efficiency by using a model that has great sewing machine ratings. There is one effective way that a seamstress can utilize the space they are currently using so they are able to work efficiently, and a prefabricated closet organizer is the answer.
Use a Closet Organizer For Your Crafting Needs

Use a Closet Organizer For Your Crafting Needs

These organizers can fit in any area of the room, but they are best suited for the area nearest the sewing machine or main table. It is fairly simple to keep track of thread and bobbins because they can be kept together in a box or other small container. The main problem for any crafting hobbyist will be to keep all of the bundles of fabric and stacks of patterns from cluttering the work space. There are several ways to make a closet organizer and all of its components work for you.

You Can Use the Shelves for Many Things

The shelves will be instrumental in helping maintain organization. The fabrics that have not been used can easily be stored on the shelves. You can also use the shelves to placed labeled boxes on. This will automatically increase the amount of space that you have on the floor, and it will prevent any accidents that may occur from having these boxes on the floor.

Hangers Provide a Clear View

If you have pieces of fabric that have already been prepped for an upcoming project, you can place them on a hanger to prevent the fabric from wrinkling. Hangers also provide a way for you to see how much material is left in your inventory.

Baskets Are Practical

You can use a wire basket in place of a drawer. These baskets can be pulled out of any space and hold all of the necessary components that are critical to a seamstress or other hobbyist. Some of the items that can be placed in a basket are patterns, spools, and buttons.

Sewing is an extremely fun and relaxing hobby, but all of the necessary materials can quickly clutter a room that is not properly organized. A closet organizer will give you enough space while also allowing the room to stay neat.


Midtown Modern Condo By Guocoland Located Near to Cafes and Dining Options at Bugis

Core city centre has always been one of the best places to look at for investment and there are many developments in the core city centre to choose from. In particular, for developments near to MRT Station, it is hard to find especially those which are located right on top of MRT Station. The Midtown Modern, a new development situated near the Bugis MRT Station at Tan Quee. This development is in the Bugis District 07, which is usually seen as the city’s core center, right in the middle of the stylish Bugis region that enjoys a decent amount of human traffic. It is a prime residential estate and a mix development with commercial units located at the first floor of the development. It is designed to win the hearts and minds of investors as no other developments have this kind of location on top of Bugis MRT Station. Family sized units are built are Midtown Modern as these are bigger units which encouraged own stay for the residents. Moreover, this location buzzes with activities, but at the same time, the Tan Quee Lan Street provides the residents with a silent place where they can escape from the city’s buzzing activities after a hectic day at work.

The area near to Midtown Modern Guocoland is ideal to live if you have a family as you not only have access to the facilities this development has to offer but also all the essential amenities. Because you can access everything at your doorstep, you need not travel long distances, which is excellent.

Midtown Modern Guocoland Near to Bugis+ and Bugis Junction Singapore

Midtown Modern Guocoland Near to Bugis+ and Bugis Junction Singapore

Midtown Modern by Guocoland is situated right at the Heart of Bugis

The location of Midtown Modern development at the heart of the city center makes it easily accessible to a broad range of amenities. However, despite this, this development in the silent and serene Tan Quee Lan Street neighborhood has numerous shop houses that provide you with a tranquil and laid back feel of this Bugis region. Additionally, this region is great as it has less traffic on the Tan Quee Lan Street, hence making it a silent oasis right at the core of Bugis.

Midtown Modern Close to Schools around Bugis

Its location at the heart of the city means this Midtown Modern is close to schools, including the Singapore Management University and Stamford Primary Schools. Therefore, this is an ideal region if you have a family and are searching for excellent schools surrounding the area of Bugis. Moreover, you have access to numerous dining options when in Midtown Modern due to the presence of decent schools, gourmet dining diners, and several signature food options in the middle of Bugis. Thus, as a resident for Midtown Modern Condo, you always have access to numerous dining options, and accessing these food joints is easily accessible either by walking a few minutes or taking a short bus drive.

Midtown Modern Condo Location at Tan Quee Lan Street Near to Bugis Junction and Bugis+

Midtown Modern Condo Location at Tan Quee Lan Street Near to Bugis Junction and Bugis+

Singapore is one of those extraordinarily little places on the planet that can be found start to finish with only a guide in your grasp, in every one of multi week. Actually. So efficient and very much associated, you can for all intents and purposes book an inn in any piece of the city and still find a workable pace need absent a lot of problem. There are many good places to live in and Bugis is one of them. Midtown Modern is located near to Bugis.

Midtown Modern Location Close to Orchard Shopping District

Midtown Modern is also situated close to Orchard, the primary Singapore shopping district. Therefore, if you do enjoy shopping from time to time, then you are in luck as this region boasts both remarkable shopping spots and food diners, something every cosmopolitan individual finds pleasing.

Singapore is one of those fantastically little places on the planet that can be found start to finish with only a guide in your grasp for Midtown Modern Bugis, in every one of multi week. Truly. Therefore, the location of Midtown Modern is very near to all amenities. So efficient and all around associated, you can for all intents and purposes book an inn in any piece of the city and still find a good pace need absent a lot of issue. In any case, with lodgings being somewhat pricier than most places, I chose a three-star inn in the city would be sufficient for the five evenings I was there. After much research and correlation around Midtown Modern location, I settled upon Santa Grand Hotel, Bugis. A no nonsense three-star inn, it was adequate for my significant other and I and we had no bad things to say. In any case, that is not why I cherished remaining right now the city. There are a couple of things that truly made me love it.

Midtown Modern Located Next to Bugis MRT Station

Midtown Modern were situated about 0.5 kms from Bugis MRT. Then again, Lavender MRT is likewise about 0.5 kms. What’s more, the bus station is scarcely a moment away. Simple network is everything for a visitor, isn’t that so?

Bugis near Midtown Modern is touted to be the biggest road shopping area in Singapore. That’s all there is to it? In case you’re in any way similar to me, you’d rapidly lose all sense of direction right now. From garments and shoes to little knickknacks, you’d think that its everything right now tip: Don’t neglect to get some adorable magnets/keychains/shot glasses for your companions back home. You’ll get the best arrangements here.

The stretch from our lodging to the MRT and shopping spots was fixed with curious little bistros and diners. My most loved was Artistry (which I do prescribe). Midtown Modern presents some incredible assortments or tea, espresso (and wine in the late night). Their treats, which I hear are sourced from neighborhood outside the box bread cooks, are similarly scrummy.

Many Amenities Such as Fruit Stalls Located Near to Midtown Modern

Presently I’m certain you can do this somewhere else in Singapore as well, however the Bugis road showcase likewise includes shops selling different sorts of organic producta at Midtown Modern Condo. I picked the New Zealand fruits, which I believe are the best on the planet (no doubt about it) and pitaya roja (red-fleshed mythical beast natural product). We additionally set out to attempt Durian squeeze and even had the vender snicker at us in diversion.

At long last, Bugis near Midtown Modern is midway found with regards to touring, shopping, eateries and different attractions as well. While Orchard Road and Chinatown are as yet well known areas, you absolutely will love Bugis.

In any case, with inns being somewhat pricier than most places, many tourist chose a three-star lodging in the city would be sufficient for the five evenings I was there. After much research and correlation, I settled upon Santa Grand Hotel, Bugis. A straightforward three-star inn, it was adequate for my significant other and I and we had no bad things to say for Midtown Modern launch date. Be that as it may, that is not why I cherished remaining right now the city. There are a couple of things that truly made me love it. Therefore, Bugis is very popular among tourist.

Listed at the Singapore securities buying and selling limited seeing that 1978, Guocoland for Midtown Modern condo is a ultimate assets organisation with operations in the geographical markets of singapore, china, malaysia and vietnam. In 2017, guocoland marked its enlargement beyond asia into the brand new markets of the united kingdom and australia via a strategic partnership with eco global improvement organization berhad in eco global international berhad.

Midtown Modern by Guocoland Real Estate Developer Singature Development at Bugis

Midtown Modern by Guocoland Real Estate Developer Singature Development at Bugis

What are some of the Shopping Centers in Midtown Modern

Midtown Modern is located close to a wide variety of shopping centers along the Bugis MRT Station and Tan Quee Lan Street, where you can find numerous international brands in Singapore. Likewise, there are also other shopping centers to pick from, so you are not limited to just the main ones. Usually, the Bugis street is filled with several small boutique shops selling superb homemade items which you never find in the main shopping centers.

Based in Singapore, the main enterprise activities of Midtown Modern Guocoland and its subsidiaries (“the institution”) are assets improvement, property investment, inn operations and assets management, and it’s miles centered on accomplishing scalability, sustainability and growth in its center markets. The institution’s portfolio accommodates of residential, hospitality, commercial, retail and included developments spanning throughout the vicinity. As at 30 june 2019, the group’s total assets amounted to approximately $10. Zero billion.

Midtown Modern were situated about 0.5 kms from Bugis MRT. On the other hand, Lavender MRT is likewise about 0.5 kms. What’s more, the bus station is scarcely a moment away. Simple availability is everything for a vacationer, isn’t that so?

Bugis near Midtown Modern  is touted to be the biggest road shopping area in Singapore. That’s the short and long of it? In case you’re in any way similar to me, you’d rapidly lose all sense of direction right now. From garments and shoes to little knickknacks, you’d think that its everything right now here.

Shopping Centres Close to Bugis MRT Station

Because the Midtown Modern is situated close to the Bugis MRT Station, you need not struggle to buy daily accessories if need be thanks to the proximity of both the small boutiques and major shopping centers. Some of the easily accessible shopping centers close to Midtown Garden include;

  • Shaw Towers
  • Bugis Village
  • Bugis Junction
  • Suntec City
  • Guoco Midtown
  • Shaw Leisure Gallery
  • Parkview Square
  • Bugis+

At these centers, you can find a broad array of food choices as well as amenities that will have you pleased at Midtown Modern location, so you never have to worry about a lackluster shopping experience if you live in the Midtown Modern.

In singapore, the group has efficaciously developed 36 residential projects yielding approximately 11,000 residences and houses. Guocoland’s flagship included blended-use improvement guoco tower, integrates top class grade aAoffices, a dynamic lifestyle and f&b retail area, steeply-priced flats at Wallich residence, the 5-star commercial enterprise inn Dofitel singapore city centre and a landscaped urban park near to Midtown Modern location. It has also evolved a sizable portfolio of properties spanning across the main towns of beijing, shanghai, nanjing and tianjin. Guocoland is an established belongings developer of network-centric residential townships and modern commercial and incorporated improvement initiatives in malaysia.

Alongside the road shopping Midtown Modern slows down, the spot presently additionally has two urban shopping centers:

  • Bugis+: It’s a swanky new shopping center with 10 stories and all the main style, adornments and nourishment brands. The spot is effectively open and is straightforwardly associated with Bugis intersection with a connection connect.
  • Bugis Junction: Located right over the Bugis MRT station at Midtown Modern location, this shopping center houses driving worldwide chain of stores and just as little cart slows down selling fascinating keepsakes and knickknacks. It offers the city’s first sky lit shopping experience.

Bugis Street Market Located Next to Tan Quee Lan Street Condo

Bugis Street Market is one of the greatest, least expensive, and most likely most blazing spots to come shopping in the entire of Singapore near to Midtown Modern location which is a mature estate. 50 years back, this now acclaimed shopping area was better known for being a focal point of decrepit nightlife.

Bugis at Midtown Modern has since a long time ago shaken off its ‘insidious’ side and become a vivacious center point of shopping, high end food, and in vogue bistros and bars which remain open long into the night. Bugis Street Market lies at the focal point, all things considered, – you can without much of a stretch think that its privilege by the shopping centers close Bugis MRT Station.

Mainstream with the two local people and travelers near to Midtown Modern location, Bugis Street Market is notable for being probably the least expensive spot in Singapore for sourcing your trinkets, frill, garments, gadgets, houseware, and beauty care products. Huge numbers of the little knickknacks here, for example, keychains, postcards, and stationary are accessible from as meager as S$1.

There’s an entire scope of garments on offer, as well. Despite the fact that not actually Singapore’s most front line design hotspot, quality things for all preferences can be found at the market in the event that you look sufficiently hard. A couple of pants can slow down you just S$15, shirts and T-shirts from S$10, shades and caps from S$5, and shoes from S$20.

F&B Restaurents Near to Midtown Modern Such as Cat Cafe and Other Thematic Cafes

F&B Restaurents Near to Midtown Modern Such as Cat Cafe and Other Thematic Cafes

The perfect Food Options and Cafes close to Midtown Modern

Bugis located near to Midtown Modern location is famous for being an outstanding place to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere provided by the thematic spots as well as numerous cafes located all over the region. You also have access to a broad assortment of dining options, including food centers and restaurants near the tranquil Bugis estate, which is a perfect place to live. Here you get access to a couple of hawker centers where local food is served, including Albert Street Food Center, Golden Mile Food Center, and North Bridge Road Market & Food Center. At these centers, you can enjoy an array of food options popular among both the old and young such as the Indian Prta, Yong Dau Foo, as well as Laksa.


How Can You Use Permanent Structure Eyesores

How to Make Use of Pernament Strctures

Do you have any idea on how you can cover this exposed pipe from a wood-burkning store? Nowadays, it is very possible to turn the tables with structural fixtures. If you have done this in the past, you can agree with me that indeed they look like low lying beams.

Structural eyesores have been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years. It can be a hard task utilizing them accordingly. That’s the main reason why we have compiled several ways to use structural eyesores. Read this article and you will never regret your decision.


The designers have seen a great opportunity even with the sharp and awkward corners. The regular floor plan starts by installing carpentry works and a raised platform. There is no doubt that it is one of the best plans you will ever come across in your lifetime. Normally, it features an elegant study. The well-designed study utilizes the communal space.


Do you know that an irregular floor plate is not always the easiest to design? With that in mind, you should consider masking it instead of highlighting it. In most cases, many established designers prefer installing asymmetrical walls such that they have a ceiling feature. In addition, the ceiling feature draws a cool and organic flow.


This list can’t be complete without featuring this design. The design in disguise not only incorporates pop-up design panels but also it hides wiring. With this design, you will never notice the irregularity of the wall.

People who have been using this design over the years have claimed that it is the best. This is the right design to install if you have been looking for nice looking design with three-dimensional features. The best thing about this design is that it comes with a sleek look. The sleek look adds a great impact on space.


You might have heard that low beams are not always the most attractive. They can be enhanced with a brand new room configuration. This should be done only if the floor allows such adjustments. You have the full freedom to demarcate the dining and kitchen if you have a false wall. It is good to know that most false walls align with everything.


Usually, the highly regarded window shutter divides between the kitchen and service yard. It is a popular feature in most HDB BTO flats. Are you aware that it is possible to knock it down? Have you been looking for a great solution to create a stylish statement out of this standardized element? You are in the right place.


You should always use chalkboard paint to line your recessed wall. Be guaranteed that you will have a perfect design sense that will remain attractive for many years.


Modern Design in Houses for Real Estate in Singapore

Modern Design in Houses for Real Estate in Singapore

Modern design is fresh and in the moment. Modern design is borrowing from many different periods. The current trends in design use bold colors, glossy metals, and angular shapes. A person can get a unique piece for their home. There are some great designs out there for people that want a modern look.

Modern Geometry

Modern design uses lines that are clean and sharp. This design is not afraid to use geometric shapes. There are also heavy textures and carvings are back in style. Designs mix squares, circles, and well-defined edges to give the room a modern aesthetic appeal. Bold shapes are used in the home and they can be large. These shapes can take the focus of the room and they are interesting to look at.

Add Some Color

Bold colors make a room pop. Red accents are popular, especially against lighter backgrounds. Art deco in bright colors also stand out in a room.  Layer laminate can be installed to look like a stone so when that it is viewed from different angles there will be different glittering effects.  There should be at least one item in the room that has some type of bright or bold color and it can be the centerpiece of the room.

New Materials

Modern design likes to use textures. Polished metals and glass look good in this design. The rooms that use a modern design like to look bright and clean and have a bit of a futuristic approach. Mirrors are used on the walls to open up space. Even if the room is small mirrors can give it an appearance to make it look larger and will allow the room to look open.

Modern Rustic

The rustic looks are in style but with some new touches. There are pastoral furnishings and different shades of brown and wooden textures are used. There are still touches of red and bold shapes. The floors are uncluttered and bare architectural units are used.


A modern home is sleek and it is practical. The designs are minimal and will make the most out of the space in the room. Furniture and other items in the rooms are economical and designed to make the lives of the homeowner easier.  Modern rooms have bold colors, some touch of metal touch, and even technology that will make life easier. For example, a modern kitchen will have countertop space that is not cluttered. This gives the room a clean look and is functional for cooking.  When designing a room the room must have a functional purpose for the family.

These are some modern designs for the home. It is fine to use bold shapes and items that stand out. The room should have a pop of color and one item that is bright and will get the attention. Metals and shiny plastics are commonly found in the home. Above all the home needs to have a clean and open look and the items that are in the room need to have a functional purpose.


Renovation Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If your bathroom is small, this does not mean that the design of the room has to be basic. Even making small changes can really improve the look of the room. Some of these changes can be completed cheaply and will not take a lot of hard work. Some ideas for redesigning a small bathroom can be found below.

Remove The Walls

If the bathroom is next to the bedroom, then you may want to consider knocking down the walls. This will create an open plan space and you should find that both rooms have a much better flow. The decoration of the two rooms can be completely different if you want to keep two distinct rooms.

Take Out The Doors

If removing the walls is not an option, then taking the doors out can also create the appearance of more space. This still gives you some privacy in the bathroom but it can still make the room feel as if it has more space. If you want to have something in the doorway, then drapes or curtains can be a good choice.

Don’t Rule Out White

White can sometimes make a room feel cold, which is why blocks of solid white are usually avoided in bathrooms. However, in some cases it can work and so it shouldn’t be ruled out entirely, especially as white can make a room feel bigger. The secret to having a white bathroom is to use different textures and materials to break things up a bit.

Draw The Eye Away From Pipes

In a small bathroom, there may not be enough room to make sure that all the pipework can be enclosed. Therefore you need to try and draw attention away from any pipes that are exposed. One way to do this is through the use of bold colors. White and black can also be used together to create a monochromatic effect which can also be quite striking.

Choose Wall Tiles Carefully

The wall tiles will be a prominent part of the room, and are often the first thing that people will notice when they walk in. They need to catch people’s attention without being too overbearing. Having just the one wall tiled and the other walls plain can look really effective and will also make the room look bigger.

Have A Theme In The Bathroom

Having a theme in your bathroom can make the room flow better. This theme can be anything of your choosing but a nautical theme is always very popular. Whichever theme you choose, you can make the most of it through the color scheme and decorations on the wall.

Store The Vanity In Your Bedroom

If you can keep the vanity in your bedroom then this can free up valuable space in the bathroom. One possible use for this extra space would be to put in another sink. This could be useful in busy households where there is usually more than one person waiting to wash.


OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer Subsidiary Companies

OKP Holdings Limited and it’s subsidiary corporations are a civil engineering and infrastructure company based in Singapore. The company’s main activities are to provide high-quality information to investors and management services to its subsidiaries. It has extended its core activities to include investment business, offering financial news, performance ratios and results. Its subsidiaries are; OKP Land (Pte) Ltd, Or Kim Peow Contractors (Pte) Ltd, Eng Lam Contractors Co. (Pte) Ltd and OKP (Oil & Gas) Infrastructure Pte Ltd.

OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer Singapore

The company is specialised in construction and maintenance. The construction part involves:
• Expressways
• Flyovers
• Buildings
• Airport infrastructure
• Oil and gas infrastructure for petrochemical plants
• Oil storage terminals
• Urban and arterial roads
• Vehicular bridges
The maintenance part is reconstruction done on roads and way related facilities which include:
• Pavements
• Footpaths and kerbs
• Guardrails
• Bus bays and shelters
• Drains
• Signboards
• Road reserves

The company is currently going through rough times. In 2017, a fatal accident happened at their worksite. On Friday the 14th of July 2017, one worker died and ten others injured after an uncompleted viaduct collapsed.

Subsidiary Companies by OKP Holdings Singapore

As a consequence, several individuals in the company as well as their subsidiary company, OKP Contractors Pte Ltd, are set for trial in law courts soon. The accredited checker has already been sentenced to six months in jail. This situation has led to a drop in its share price by 50 per cent. Looking beyond this incident, the company still has much potential to grow.
The worst-case scenario for OKP Contractors would be a one million dollar fine. They will also get a one year ban from handling public projects which will take them out from the construction scene. This has no significant effect on OKP Holdings Limited, the parent company. OKP Holdings still have Eng Lam Contractors Co. (Pte) Ltd, who are still very active in public tenders withy no tendering limits. Eng Lam Contractors Co. (Pte) Ltd received some big contracts last year.

Financial Report OKP Holdings

As of 31st March 2019, OKP Holdings financial reports registered cash and short term investments standing at 71.6 million dollars. This alone is worth 0.31 dollars per share. They also have a meagre debt-equity ratio. They use their debt to purchase investment properties and not for the construction and maintenance activities. In the 31st March financial reports, their order book stands at 291.6 million dollars until 2023. These orders, together with their property investments, are expected to bring much profit to the company.

The 2017 accident has undoubtedly brought a lousy image to OKP Holdings Limited. After the issue at hand has been settled, time will tell of the future of this great company. Their expertise in civil infrastructure projects will continue being their stronghold. With their large cash reserve, they still can invest in development projects or investment properties and get continuous income. The company is already at an excellent financial position with the future certainly looking good. It is still worth to invest in OKP Holdings Limited despite their current low share price levels.


Parc Canberra EC by Hoi Hup Realty

Parc Canberra is a new EC by Sunway Developments (SDPL) and Hoi Hup Realty. The condo is located at Canberra Link, Singapore. The site is a contested piece of land since it’s rare for an EC to be located near a Shopping Mall and MRT Station. It sits on a prime piece of land, representing a timely investment for Singapore-based company.

Parc Canberra Sunway Developments by Hoi Hup Realty

Hoi Hup Realty has successfully established itself in property development. The company’s portfolio consists of landed housing, mixed commercial developments, executive condominiums and cluster-strata housing. Parc Canberra is Hoi Hup Realty’s latest development in the executive condominium niche. The Singapore-based company has specifically focused on attaining high standards. Consequently, the company has received over 25 accolades for its efforts. Hoi Hup Realty has won multiple awards in Asia including the top 10 developer award on four occasions.

Parc Canberra EC has unique facilities including clubhouse, indoor gym, 50m swimming pool, children’s playground, BBQ pits, tennis court, guardhouse, function room and sun deck. Parc Canberra’s facilities will provide entertainment needs for families and friends.

Shopping Centres near to Parc Canberra

Parc Canberra EC Hoi Hup Singapore is strategically located with many amenities around its vicinity. For example, Sun Plaza, Canberra Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre are near Parc Canberra. The development is also near Sembawang Park, which offers plenty of outdoor activities for families.

Parc Canberra EC will be accessible through Canberra MRT Station. For residents who prefer buses, buses are available along Canberra and Sembawang roads. The EC is also near Central Expressway (CTE), making it convenient for people traveling to the city. Parc Canberra EC is also near elite schools such as Northland Secondary School, Chongful School and Sembawang Primary School.

Layouts at Parc Canberra EC Canberra Link MRT Station

The EC will have different layouts to address different investment horizons and buyer profiles. For instance, a three-bedroom showflat will have different furnishings. It will include flooring finishes in the bedroom and living room. Other features include kitchen cabinets, washroom furnishings and bedroom wardrobes.
Hoi Hup Realty has made its new development to be almost fully moved in. The EC needs a little renovation. However, furnishings have not been done on chandeliers and lightings. Moreover, the dining and coffee tables at the showflat are for illustration purposes to enable buyers visualize the actual space available in the units.

Parc Canberra EC has the potential to increase in value once it has attained the minimum 10 years occupational period. It will be fully privatized and allow foreigners to purchase a unit in the condo. Therefore, a three-bedroom floor plan is a good property investment in Parc Canberra. Parc Canberra will undoubtedly provide a tranquil lifestyle in Canberra Town.


Dairy Farm Residences Bukit Timah Nature Reserve UED Residential

An increase in the pollution in highly populated cities around the world led to a greater interest in acquiring residence in some quiet and serene locations in the outskirts of the cities. But a very few residential developers can boast of providing the most modern facilities coupled with the best location. UED Residential is one such company that has developed Dairy Farm Residences in the prime location of Hillview and Dairy Farm. The elegantly designed residences will provide a calm and quiet living experience to the tenants along with the modern facilities. Dairy Farm Residences is by the developer United Engineer Limited and is a mix development that is located near to bukit timah nature reserve. Dairy Farm Residences is one of the few launches that is also near to Hillview MRT Station.

Dairy Farm Residences Amenities UED Residential

Dairy Farm Residences Bukit Timah will allow indulgence in a tranquil lifestyle while facilitating its customers with its unique attributes including a guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits & children’s playground, thereby fulfilling the entertainment needs of the entire family.Strategic location also ensures vicinity to the shopping malls located nearby. Vicinity to schools, bus stations and highway is another remarkable feature of these residences adding more value to them.

Dairy Farm Residences Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Another amazing feature of these residences is their close proximity to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. With its rain-forest greenery, this lush hilly area can boast of being the highest natural point with tropical rain-forests. Its scenic beauty and nature reserves are great sources of entertainment due to their hiking jogging and cycling trails where people can enjoy breathing in the fresh unpolluted air and also experience other fun activities like rock climbing. The residents can thus enthrall in all these experiences without having to travel to distant places.

To provide comfort to the residents, these residences have been developed to ensure the provision of all the amenities all their doorstep. Integrated development provides for joint residential and commercial properties with malls and offices located in the same building as residential units. This is great for the residents as they can find everything under the same roof.

Dairy Farm Residences Near to Schools and Country Clubs

One of the greatest advantages of these residences if their accessibility to all the facilities like schools, highways, entertainment, shops, malls and offices. These features greatly enhance the investment value of the residences. Although they are provide an amazing lifestyle experience but they could also be bought for renting out as that would serve to be a steady source of income. Additionally they could also be very profitable if the buyer intends to sell them after a certain period of time as they are highly desirable and their prices are rising with time.

The increase in pollution and the stressful urbane lifestyle has increased the demand for residences in quiet serene locations, as people look for ways to relieve the stress and worries of their daily routine. Dairy Farm Residences provides the modern facilities while being situated in the heart of Dairy Farm and Hillview. Their close proximity to schools, country clubs and other facilities add to their value. All these attributes, make Dairy Farm residences highly desirable to the local and expatriate population.


Avenue South Residence UOL Group Location at Silat Avenue

Located in the Silat Avenue at a walkable distance of just 2 kilometres from the Central Business District is the Avenue South Residence, a new city centre estate, developed in partnership by UOL Group, United Industrial Corporation, and Kheng Leong Corporation.

Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue UOL Group

A tranquil vicinage stationed minutes away from the city extends to the buyers an opportune moment to invest in this first-rate project on Avenue South Residence. This development is spread over a gross floor area of 910,096 square feet, of which Site area constitutes of 245,972 square feet. The development will constitute 2 high towering buildings, each raised to 56 stories, commanding a clear view over the central business district. The project is based in the Bukit Merahlocale and is in close proximity to the Raffle’s place and the business district. A Rail corridor that is soon to turn into a residential community space as per Government’s plans is also located next to the Avenue.

Avenue South Residence Facilities and Location Near to School

A plethora of amenities and provisions near to Avenue South Residence UOL, including clubhouse, indoor gym, tennis court, sun deck, a 50m swimming pool, guard house function room, BBQ pits as well as a children’s playground await to be availed. Full family recreation needs are taken care of by the establishment’s provisions. Avenue South Residence is also close to the elect schools including CHIJ Kellock (Primary), CHIJ St Theresa’s Concent and Cantonment Primary School.

Avenue South Residence Near to Outram MRT Station

Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue enjoys the benefit of being close to the Public Transit system as well.Outram MRT Station is the most accessible MRT Station, which is a junction for multiple MRT lines of Singapore. The Tanjong Pagar MRT Station is located in a prudent aspect to provide access to many shopping centres around the precinct. The upcoming Cantonment MRT Station to be set up on the Circle line has been planned near the Avenue South Residence. Several buses are available for residents, running through Bukit Merah road and Kampong Bahru road. To connect with the city, owners can also use the Ayer Rajah Expressway and the Central Expressway located right next to the residence.

With the establishment of this upcoming development in the area, a lot of windows to allow for commercial pursuits will open up. Crowds will be lured to the Avenue South Residence owing to the vast number of activities concerning business and housing. Flocks of students, working class, patrons and a lot more will be drawn to the area. The Avenue will prove to be a good venue for investment as the mixed land usage here will favour Offices, hotels and Retail spaces.


Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings

Fyve Derbyshire is an amazing Enbloc real estate developments with just a small history in the Singapore real estate market. The Fyve Derbyshire was successfully sold to the RH Developments Two Pte Ltd, which is a known partner and subsidiary of Roxy-Pacific Holdings! It’s important to note that the RH developments made the third attempt successful after the initial attempts failed.

Fyve Derbyshire Novena Roxy Pacific Holdings

This freehold development is located at the centre of the Derbyshire and the Novena. It was established by the Roxy Pacific Holdings after they had a successful deal with the owners who decided to sell the property which was originally the former derby Court Enbloc. It consisted of the two penthouses which are situated at the most strategic position near the MRT station at the Novena. It’s comprised of18 units and is situated at the district of Novena along the Derby shire road.

Fyve Derbyshire offers the most amazing services that make it the best place for your family and friends! Here at the Derbyshire, you will enjoy a number of facilities including the clubhouse, the function room. An indoor gym and even a tennis court for those who really enjoy tennis games! Other amazing facilities that you will find at this stunning property includes the swimming pool, the sun deck and also the children’s playground! It’s actually the most considerate development that ensures you get the maximum pleasure in your niche! Fyve Derbyshire is actually the most outstanding residential home situated right at the heart of the Derbyshire road.

Fyve Derbyshire Location at Novena

The Fyve Derby shire apartments enjoy the advantages that its strategic locations offer. Being at the centre of the famous shopping Centre including the famous Novena Square, the United Square and also the Godhill plaza adds the merits at this property enjoys. You should also note that the Bukit Timah is just situated next to the property! It simply makes it easy for the families to have a better time and the joyous moments with their families at the Fyve Derbyshire apartments.

Fyve Derbyshire Schools by Roxy Pacific Holdings

Traveling to the derby shire is an easy task. Derbyshire road provides an easy way for those owners wishing to travel. They can use the buses that always traverses the Derbyshire road and the Thompson road. For those headed to the city, then just next to the central expressway is the Fyve Derbyshire. The schools that surround the Fyve Derbyshire also enhances the relevance of the property. They include Saint Joseph and the Anglo Chinese schools.

Fyve Derbyshire has the greatest potential for achieving the best having being focused to generate 36 million proceeds and the expected output per unit is estimated at 6.65 million dollars. Be among the happy families celebrating at Fyve Derbyshire!