Hillhaven Condo at Hillview MRT Station Near to GESS and Other Established Good Schools

Hillhaven Condo at Hillview MRT Station Near to GESS and Other Established Good Schools

Hillhaven Condo near to GESS has excellent facilities for its students. It boasts dance and music studios, two gymnasiums, a Science Centre, a performing arts theatre, and a library. To ensure student safety, GESS has installed security cameras in its main entrances, hallways, and parking lots. Finally, GESS constantly strives to improve its quality of education. It works with the International Association for College Admission Counselling (IACAC) to provide a comprehensive personalised counselling program for all students.

One of the significant institutions in the vicinity of Hillhaven Condo Hillview MRT Station is the German European School Singapore (GESS). This international school offers education from pre-school to secondary levels and follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) system. Due to this, GESS is an ideal place for families who are looking for an international curriculum. It is well-known for its multicultural environment and commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and global awareness among its students. To provide its students with quality education, GESS has implemented several facilities such as dance and music studios, two gymnasiums, a Science Centre, a performing arts theatre, and a library. In addition, it has installed security cameras in its main entrances, hallways, and parking lots to ensure the safety of its students. Furthermore, GESS works with the International Association for College Admission Counselling (IACAC) to provide a comprehensive personalised counselling program for all students in order to deliver a high-quality education to them.

With the collaboration of Sekisui House and Far East Organization, the Hillhaven Condo Hillview Estate offers a distinctive living experience. Situated amidst a lush green landscape, the residential estate promises to deliver an unparalleled atmosphere of tranquility and convenience. The property offers residents a wealth of modern amenities, including fine-grade finishes, resort-style facilities, and smart-home technology. With its close proximity to nature, excellent transportation links, excellent educational institutions, and a variety of lifestyle amenities, Hillview is truly a remarkable residential area for individuals and families.

Sekisui House and Far East Organization have come together to create an extraordinary opportunity for discerning homeowners in the Hillview district. The Hillhaven Condo Hillview Estate offers an incomparable lifestyle, fusing the beauty of nature with the convenience of modernity. The remarkable residential property is set to be a coveted location, boasting the best of both worlds – a tranquil neighborhood surrounded by lush greenery, and conveniently located close to nature, transportation, education, and leisure.

Families with school-age children often choose Hillhaven Condo Hillview Rise as their preferred location due to the presence of various high-quality educational institutions like the German European School Singapore and CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace nearby.

The Rail Mall is a distinctive spot, renowned for its atmosphere and charming low-rise architecture, which evokes memories of Singapore in the past. This popular area is notable for its selection of eateries and stores, ideal for leisurely strolls and meals. The café culture is alive here, with offerings from ‘Cedele’ and ‘The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’. Its special appeal is further heightened by its connection to the former KTM railway line.

HillV2, located just next to Hillhaven Condo Far East, is greatly valued by the Hillview community as a retail and lifestyle mall. Offering a premium shopping experience, the two-storey mall provides customers with a wide range of choices. The Rail Mall, located nearby, is a strip mall with a great variety of restaurants, retailers, and services such as clinics and supermarkets. Located near the Bukit Batok MRT Station, the West Mall is an ideal place to shop with its seven-storey building housing a range of different retail outlets, food and beverage outlets, a cinema, and a public library.

At Hillhaven Condo by Far East, one can expect a seamless combination of convenience, connectivity and comfort – a perfect setting for families looking for a quality education. With a number of renowned educational institutions in the vicinity, the residential estate stands out as an attractive option for parents and students. Offering a unique blend of the comforts of home and the joys of learning, Hillview Estate can easily be described using the phrase, ‘Home is where the school is!’

Surrounded by some of Singapore’s most sought-after green spaces, Hillhaven Condo is a shining example of the harmony between urban and natural living. This condo, nestled amidst vibrant greenery, brings the tranquility of nature to its residents’ doorsteps. From fitness trails to verdant gardens, residents benefit from all the amenities of city living and the serenity of being close to nature. It’s no wonder why Hillhaven Condo is so popular amongst nature lovers, fitness fanatics, and city dwellers alike—it truly is a green paradise in the heart of the city.

Hillhaven Condo offers a variety of residential options to suit different preferences and budget ranges. Private condominiums, apartments, and landed properties are all available.

The close proximity of Hillhaven Condo Hillview Rise Far East Condo to the Downtown Line’s Hillview MRT station is an important benefit for residents. This Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line is equipped with fast and advanced trains, making it easy to get to major hubs like Marina Bay, Chinatown, and Bugis within a short time. Linking directly to the Central Business District (CBD), Hillview Rise Far East Condo provides a convenient way for people to go around the city and to the key areas.

The Hillhaven Condo Hillview area boasts a wide variety of dining options to suit all tastes and occasions. From fine dining restaurants to trendy cafés and take-out spots, you can find something perfect for a special celebration, a relaxed brunch, a quick coffee run, and even a takeaway dinner. With such a range of choices, Hillhaven Condo Hillview offers something for everyone!

Located in Singapore’s western region, Hillview Estate’s Hillhaven Condo is a delightful residential enclave that perfectly combines tranquility and access to city-life amenities. The surrounding shopping centres are of great importance to residents, serving both practical and recreational needs, greatly enhancing the appeal and convenience of this area.

Dining establishments in Hillhaven Condo provide more than just sustenance; they act as places of social gathering, helping to create a real sense of community. These places, with their inviting atmospheres and friendly service, have been known to become an extension of the residents’ own homes. Residents can enjoy not only a delicious meal, but also a feeling of belonging.

Despite its natural beauty, the Hillhaven Condo Far East Estate is not devoid of modern amenities. HillV2 and the Rail Mall are popular shopping hubs with numerous shops, restaurants, and necessary services. In addition, the thriving shopping district of Orchard Road is only a short car ride away.

The Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization features lush green landscaping not only in nature reserves and parks, but also with the residential area. This is evident with the tree-lined streets, well-kept gardens, and open spaces providing a pleasing and wholesome living atmosphere.

The Hillhaven Condo Far East offers its residents the convenience of multiple public transportation modes. This cuts down on traffic, providing a more environmentally-friendly atmosphere. It is also cost-effective and efficient for those without personal vehicles to commute every day. The presence of public transit also helps reduce traffic congestion in the vicinity.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore has strived to create a high-quality, accessible, and sustainable living environment, and the Hillhaven Condo Hillview Estate exemplifies this vision. Its unbeatable connectivity and transport networks make it easy for residents to access all areas of the city. Boasting an array of public transport options in addition to major expressways, reaching the Central Business District, educational institutes, shopping malls and other popular attractions is a breeze. Hillhaven Condo Hillview Estate truly stands as an outstanding residential area, inherently connected to the vibrancy of Singapore.

Hillhaven by Far East is renowned for its beautiful fusion of urban living and natural greenery. Its lush green surroundings create a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The area’s vibrant diversity and wide expanses make Hillview a truly unique eco-sanctuary, where one can experience the raw beauty of nature at its finest.

Just a short distance from Hillhaven Condo, the Hillview Park Connector serves as a green pathway for residents to engage in walking, jogging, or cycling activities, linking them to both Zhenghua Park and the Bukit Panjang Park Connector. By creating this connection, residents of Hillhaven are provided with easier access to the great outdoors, enabling them to get out and enjoy recreational activities.

For those looking for a more localized café experience, Hillview Bakery and Café is a great option. This café is well-known for its artisanal bread, pastries, coffee and tea – all of which have an inviting, neighborhood quality to them that greatly suits the ambiance of Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization.

Situated in a bustling neighbourhood, Hillhaven Condo Hillview MRT Station is a superb choice for families looking to settle down. Its key appeal lies in its convenient location which puts a multitude of top-notch educational institutions within easy reach. Thus, families living in Hillhaven Condo Hillview MRT Station will not only benefit from the proximity, but also enjoy the privilege of having access to some of the best schools in Singapore. In addition, the condominium complex offers a wide range of amenities to enhance the living experience.

Given its mix of natural beauty, accessibility, and the future developments projected in the area, investing in Hillview Estate properties may offer good prospects for capital appreciation, making them a worthwhile investment.

Hillview, home to the prestigious Hillhaven Condo, is a true urban oasis in the midst of Singapore’s bustling city life. With various nearby nature reserves such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Batok Nature Park, the area offers a perfect refuge for those seeking peace and tranquility. Residents of the area can enjoy a refreshing morning hike and discover a diverse range of wildlife, all while being mere moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hillview provides an unbeatable opportunity to live in harmony with nature and is undoubtedly a jewel in the crown of Singapore.

The Hindhede Nature Park is situated close to Hillhaven Condo Far East, making it an ideal spot for a pleasant day out. From its stunning vistas to its simple trails, the park is a wonderful place to go for a relaxing family outing. One of the park’s features, the Hindhede Quarry, is especially popular with photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its picturesque views, it’s no surprise that it is a highlight of this lovely spot.

Situated at Hillview, Hillhaven Condo is conveniently located with easy access to public transportation as well as two major expressways: the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). These highways bridge Hillhaven Condo to the wider road network of Singapore, granting its residents rapid passage to the Central Business District, Changi Airport, and other key areas of the city.

Hillgrove Secondary School, located in close proximity to Hillhaven Condo Hillview MRT Station Estate, prides itself on being a leader in character development. The school provides a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that encourages students to be creative, principled, and socially conscious individuals.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) have announced that the Hillview Rise Hillhaven Condo has been successfully tendered to the highest bidders, Far East Civil Engineering (Pte.) Limited and Sekisui House, Ltd. The 99-year lease agreement for the site was put up for tender on August 31, 2022, and the bidding process concluded on November 3, 2022.

The integrated transport hub planned at Beauty World is set to elevate connectivity in the region. Residents of Hillhaven Condo will be able to enjoy seamless transportation between the MRT, bus interchanges, and additional shopping amenities with the introduction of this hub.

In the Hillhaven Condo area, residents are blessed with a plethora of educational opportunities ranging from primary to tertiary levels, ranging from well-known institutions like Lianhua Primary School, Hillgrove Secondary School, German European School Singapore (GESS), to St. Francis Methodist School.

Hillhaven Condo Hillview is a residential abode that offers the ideal combination of peace and urban luxuries. Situated in the midst of the lush greenery of Singapore’s western region, this place has the advantage of being close to various eateries and cafés for the discerning foodie. This selection of restaurants and cafés caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences, making it an ideal choice for coffee aficionados.
The Hillview area will also be connected to the Jurong Region Line, further expanding the reach of public transport services in the area.

Hillhaven Condo at Hillview MRT Station offers a great level of connectivity to the rest of Singapore, thanks to an array of roads and expressways, including the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Kranji Expressway (KJE). Residents can make use of the Hillview MRT station on the Downtown Line to easily commute across the city. Moreover, the Hillview area will soon be further connected to the Jurong Region Line, granting even more convenient access to public transport services.

The Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization area is renowned for its Wine Connection Bistro, a great spot for those who love wine and Western cuisine. It’s not just a restaurant, but also a social hub, where residents gather to enjoy a leisurely night out or to mark special events.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Hillhaven Condo, Rail Mall offers a plethora of gastronomic delights. From The Big Bern’s American Grill dishing out delicious American comfort food to BlooiE’s Roadhouse serving up a delectable selection of Singaporean cuisine, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention the mall’s extremely well-known café, Cedele, which serves up wholesome fare and organic coffee, satisfying the cravings of even the most health-conscious residents.

Tucked within Hillhaven Condo, HillV2 is a lifestyle mall presenting a myriad of upscale dining options. From local to international cuisines, residents can embark on a gastronomic adventure. iO Italian Osteria, renowned for its rustic décor and authentic Italian cuisine, provides a memorable dining experience. For an Asian twist, Joyden Canton Kitchen features an array of savoury Cantonese dishes, both traditional and modern, sure to tantalise the taste buds.

Located just a short drive away from Hillhaven Condo Far East, the Singapore Quarry Park is a serene hideaway that is perfect for bird-watching or a relaxing picnic. This peaceful paradise is an ideal spot to take a calm, tranquil break from the bustle of the big city.

The vicinity of Hillhaven Condo Hillview MRT station to the schools offers a major benefit for the inhabitants. Parents have the luxury of minimal commute times for their kids, thus diminishing commuting worries and providing more time for other engagements. For the pupils, accessing learning facilities near their living abode helps to maintain an equilibrium between their recreational time, studies and rest.
Visitors can also explore the nearby Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, which is known for providing medical care and research. In addition to the park, Hillhaven Condo Hillview is also within easy reach of restaurants, cafes, and retail centers, making it the perfect place to stay for those looking for a convenient home base. The condo complex features a range of amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and tennis court, as well as a clubhouse and mini-mart. For fitness enthusiasts, the condo also provides a jogging track and fitness corner. Hillhaven Condo Hillview is the ideal spot to enjoy Singapore’s natural and cultural heritage. Situated in close proximity to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Dairy Farm Nature Park, the condo complex provides the perfect home base for exploring the area. With the Substation Garden, nature trail, Wallace Education Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and plethora of nearby conveniences, Hillhaven Condo Hillview offers everything you need for an enjoyable and fulfilling stay. The complex is also well-equipped with a range of amenities, from a swimming pool and gym to tennis courts and a jogging track. Whether you’re looking to explore the local landscape or get some exercise, Hillhaven Condo Hillview has you covered.

Hillhaven Condo is a prominent example of a modern Hillview residential area, providing a great connection and transportation to other regions in the city-state. This estate has a reputation for its lavish homes situated amidst lush vegetation, and has been gradually advancing throughout the years to give its citizens effortless access to various parts of Singapore.

Nestled in a peaceful and serene setting, Hillhaven Condo Far East is anything but remote or isolated. Offering a wide range of modern facilities, it caters to the needs and wants of the residents. HillV2 and the Rail Mall are shopping complexes that are stocked with retail stores, dining outlets, and essential services, making daily life comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, the lively shopping district of Orchard Road is only a short distance away, providing a variety of entertainment, shopping, and dining options.

In summation, for those seeking a residential home, Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization provides not only an abundance of local eateries and cafés close by, but also an aura of liveliness and community that is sure to make the Hillview Estate a place one feels right at home. Consequently, this proximity to such a fantastic array of restaurants and cafes is a major advantage of the Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization, as it offers its occupants not only a culinary paradise right outside their door, but also a feeling of vibrancy and unity.

Hillhaven Condo Hillview Rise boasts an enviable location close to several nature reserves, including Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Dairy Farm Nature Park, and Bukit Batok Nature Park. Homeowners can take advantage of a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking and bird watching, or simply savor the serenity of these verdant havens.

Hillview Rise, located at Hillhaven Condo, offers occupants a peaceful residential atmosphere. With its low-density development, it stands out as an attractive option for those looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life and settle into a calmer, slower-paced lifestyle.

In summary, the shopping centers near Hillview Estate are a perfect complement to the area’s tranquil, yet convenient atmosphere. Offering a variety of shopping and dining opportunities, they also provide a place for the community to relax, socialize, and enjoy their leisurely activities. For the people living in Hillview Estate, these shopping centers are not only a place for commerce, but they are also an extension of their vibrant lifestyle.

Residents of Hillhaven Condo have the unique privilege of living next to some of Singapore’s premier nature reserves and parks, including the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This ASEAN Heritage Park is renowned for its rich biodiversity and is home to an abundance of plant, insect and animal species. It also features a variety of trails for both avid nature lovers and those just looking to take a leisurely stroll. Those living at Hillhaven have a great opportunity to escape the city and experience the beauty of this lush landscape.

HillV2 is a top choice for those seeking a superior shopping experience. With its attractive and spacious layout, abundance of dining locations, and luxurious retail outlets, visitors can be assured of a pleasurable visit. Notable features include the esteemed supermarket ‘Marketplace’ by Cold Storage as well as a selection of eateries that provide a wide variety of cuisines.

Living in the Hillview Estate has many advantages – and great schools are at the top of the list! Schools in the area are renowned for their academic excellence and their commitment to helping young people reach their full potential. Furthermore, the presence of these schools in the estate contributes to a sense of community. Events such as school fairs and festivals often become community-wide gatherings, creating a bustling and engaged neighbourhood.

West Mall stands out for its wide-ranging range of options. Here you can find everything from fashion to food and even entertainment and educational amenities. What makes this mall even more attractive is that it also houses a cinema and public library, making it a vibrant and active centre for people to enjoy.

Residents of Hillhaven Condo Hillview enjoy the convenience of being close to several established shopping centres. This allows them to take advantage of the diverse range of retail stores, eateries, entertainment venues, and essential services they offer. For instance, HillV2, The Rail Mall, and West Mall are all nearby, each providing a distinctive shopping experience that caters to all sorts of individual tastes and needs.

The vibrant café culture at Hillview Rise’s Hillhaven Condo is driven by the many trendy cafés that have set up shop. Among the most popular is the Dean & DeLuca café, a New York-based gourmet café renowned for its top-notch coffee and delicious pastries. It has an inviting yet sophisticated atmosphere, which makes it a go-to spot for unstructured gatherings and informal meetings.

The Hillhaven Condo Far East Organization is ideally located in close proximity to several bus stops, allowing residents to take advantage of various bus services like 173, 176, 177, and 963 which provide connections to various parts of Singapore, such as Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Jurong East and HarbourFront. This efficient bus system makes it convenient for residents to plan their journeys as per their desired destination, timing and preference, in addition to the MRT services.

The Kranji Expressway (KJE) offers an easier path to the northern and western areas of Singapore, adding to the Hillhaven Condo’s already high levels of connectivity. Additionally, the North-South Corridor, a significant expressway, is in the process of completion and will soon boost access to both the city and northern parts of Singapore, delivering a more efficient, direct passage for occupants of Hillview Estate.

Lianhua Primary School, located in Bukit Batok Street, is a highly sought-after educational institution in the area. It is renowned for its dedicated faculty, student-centered curriculum, and its emphasis on comprehensive development, providing students not only with superior academic results, but also with core life skills.

St. Francis Methodist School, situated on Dairy Farm Road, is an exemplary establishment close to Hillhaven Condo Far East. This private school provides secondary and pre-university education. It is highly esteemed for providing a robust curriculum designed to ready students for GCE ‘O’ Level examinations, as well as character-building programs intended to develop well-rounded students.

Orchard Sophia Located at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Near to Orchard Shopping District

Orchard Sophia Located at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Near to Orchard Shopping District

Whether you want to be near the Fort Canning Mural Wall or enjoy the convenience of accessing several different MRT stations, the Orchard Sophia Condo Dhoby Ghaut can be an excellent choice. It is surrounded by five MRT stations, allowing you to easily access the Downtown Line, Circle Line, and North South Line. This makes commuting to and from work a breeze!

This beautiful mural wall depicts the famous Fort Canning Hill, also known as Bukit Larangan, Government Hill, and Singaporehill. The hill is a 48-metre-high part of the island-state of Singapore. It forms part of the central business district. Previously known as Government Hill, the hill now serves as a popular residential and business destination.

The mural depicts the history of Singapore’s 14th-century fort and includes many motifs. The fort is located on the 48-metre-high Fort Canning hill in the center of Singapore. From the condo, you can walk to the nearby park by going through a tree tunnel. The Fort Canning Mural Wall is an important landmark in Singapore and is a popular tourist attraction.

If you’re thinking of buying a condo in Orchard, the price is still very low compared to the others in Orchard. The price is right for this area. Besides being close to Orchard Road, the Orchard Sophia Condo is just one kilometer from it. The area also boasts great schools and amenities. St Margaret’s Primary School and Anglo-Chinese School are located nearby. The area also has numerous colleges, including the Lasalle College of Art.

Located near Orchard Road and the Bugis Junction MRT, the Orchard Sophia offers convenient access to the city. Residents can easily walk to the Central Business District, Chinatown, and the Orchard Shopping Belt. The condominium is also located near five MRT stations, including the North-South Line and the North-East Line. It is also accessible by car via the Central Expressway.

The upcoming Orchard Sophia is a new freehold condominium located in District 9, Singapore. The condo is expected to launch in the mid-2022. It occupies a prime address in the Core Central Region and is surrounded by major shopping malls, including the popular Orchard. It is also located within walking distance of Dhoby Ghaut MRT Interchange, which will allow residents to reach the Orchard MRT station in a single stop.

This prestigious development is located at the heart of Dhoby Ghaut. The development is located at the former Fairhaven and Sophia Ville enbloc. It is estimated to be worth more than $64 million and boasts a total plot ratio of 1,195 sq ft. The condominium has a freehold title and is just seven minutes away from the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

The residences are spacious and luxurious. Units are available in one to x bedrooms. The interiors of Orchard Sophia feature sophisticated decor and contemporary blueprints for a 21st century feel. The condo also boasts self-contained facilities and amenities to make life a breeze for its residents. The condominium is also close to various shopping and leisure centers. Its location is ideal for commuters.

The Sophia Hills condo is located in a prime district in Singapore, just a short drive to the Central Expressway, Pan-Island Expressway and Bukit Timah Road. It is also within close proximity to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT interchange, which serves 3 major lines. The future Bencoolen MRT station will serve the Downtown Line.

Located near the CBD, the Orchard Sophia offers easy access to the CBD, Bugis Street, Little India, and the Orchard Shopping Belt. The building is also near top schools and is easily accessible via nearby MRT stations and major road networks. Moreover, if you have kids, the Orchard Sophia is ideal for you. The nearby schools include Chatsworth International School, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and Informatics Academy.

The Residency at Mount Sophia is a gated community with 24-hour security. Residents are provided with a basement car park bay. The building also serves as a rental property for college students. Students can access the university and colleges in the area. The Residency at Mount Sophia is also a good option for investment purposes. There are many amenities and activities offered for the residents, including a swimming pool.

The development has a total of 38 units and is close to amenities and schools. It is also accessible via train stations, including the Bencoolen MRT. Several schools are also within close proximity to Orchard Sophia Condo Dhoby Ghaut. It is close to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and Orchard Road. The development is also near the Singapore Management University and the School of the Arts.

With its convenient location near the central business district, the Schools at Orchard Sophia are a top priority for its residents. The development is close to 5 MRT stations, including the Downtown Line, North South Line, and Circle Line. Residents can also walk to various shopping malls and restaurants within a short walk. In addition, the complex is located within walking distance of several Grade A offices.

If your child has to attend school, Orchard Sophia is located near some of the country’s top schools. Nearby are St. Margaret’s Primary School, the oldest girls’ primary school in the Far East and Singapore. In addition to offering a challenging environment for kids, this public school nurtures excellence and character in students. Nearby are a variety of other schools. For parents who want their children to attend top-rated schools, this is an excellent choice.

Other amenities of Schools at Orchard Sophia Condo Dhoy Ghaut include a swimming pool and 24 hour security. The Residency at Mount Sophia is a freehold condominium in District 9 that has nine residential units. In addition, the development is close to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. In addition, residents enjoy a secure living environment with 24-hour security.

If you’re looking for a place to raise a family, the Schools at Orchard Sophia Condo Dhoy Ghaut are the perfect place. Its location near the MRT station is convenient for commuters, as it is close to Little India MRT station. Additionally, the nearby schools include the Becon International College and Informatics Academy, River Valley Primary School, and River Valley Primary School.

The Parks at Orchard Sophia is a freehold condominium development that is set to launch in mid-2022. It is located at 105 Sophia Road, District 9. The condo development is expected to be a desirable home for discerning property buyers, with its prime location and prime address in the city’s Core Central Region. It is also in close proximity to many big shopping malls, including the upcoming Plaza Singapura. Moreover, it is situated within walking distance to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Interchange, making it convenient for residents to reach the Orchard MRT station in just a short ride.

The Parks at the Orchard Sophia Condo is set amidst five MRT stations, enabling residents to easily commute to other parts of the city. This means that residents can walk to the nearby grade-A offices and shopping malls. Moreover, residents will be able to enjoy the scenic view of Singapore’s city skyline from their balconies. The Parks at Orchard Sophia Condo Dhoby Ghaut is also near major highways.

The Parks at Orchard Sophia Condo Dhaby Ghaut offers residents a convenient location in the heart of Dhoby Ghaut. Nearby amenities include the Singapore Convention Centre, Orchard Road shopping belt, and Bugis Junction. The Parks at Orchard Sophia is an ideal location for families. It is close to several shopping centres and restaurants and is situated near the Dhoby Ghaut MRT interchange.

The Parks at Orchard Sophia Condo Dhuat has a number of unique amenities that make it a prime address. For those who enjoy history, the nearby Fort Canning Park is a must-visit destination. This historic fort once housed palaces of kings and served as the British Army’s Far East Command Centre. The park is home to nine historical gardens, including the Armenian Street Park, the Spice Garden, the First Botanic Garden, the Artisan’s Garden, and the Pancur Larangan.

Bukit Batok EC Right at The Heart of New Bukit Batok Transformation Master Plan

Bukit Batok EC Right at The Heart of New Bukit Batok Transformation Master Plan

HDB recently launched the first public tender Bukit Batok EC site. The developer is set to sell the entire site at a price of $1.2 billion. It is the first time in the history of Bukit Batok that HDB is selling an EC site. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to own a home in one of the most prestigious districts in Singapore. Besides being an ideal location for new residents, this development is also a good investment.

Buyers of Bukit Batok ECs generally intend to stay for a longer period of time. In addition to being near schools, Bukit Batok is a mature estate with established schools. This will save parents a lot of time and effort on transporting their children to and from school. Besides, parents will not have to endure hours of traffic. So, ECs are a good option for those who want to stay for a long time.

As Bukit Batok EC market is in its early stages, it is unlikely to attract many buyers. The price range of the Bukit Batok EC is still high and will depend on what you want. However, you should keep in mind that ECs are usually priced high, so be prepared to pay more. The price range is expected to be between $580 and $630 per sq ft. The site has a long wait list, so buyers should be able to find a suitable home for their budget.

Located in a prime area with established schools, Bukit Batok EC is the perfect place to buy a condo. There are a lot of reasons to buy an EC, but the top-end property is largely dependent on the location. Those looking to stay longer can look at the Bukit Batok EC in Bukit Batok. This new development is expected to be popular with HDB upgraders in the vicinity.

The demand for Bukit Batok ECs is expected to be high, given the area’s limited private housing supply. The last private residential project in Bukit Batok was the highly successful Le Quest, which sold out in August 2017. The new EC is expected to be a hit with HDB upgraders in the area. This development is surrounded by a large nature park, making it the perfect choice for families.

As an EC, Bukit Batok is a prime area in Singapore with limited private housing supply. The last private project in the area was the Le Quest, which was launched in August 2017. As HDB upgraders are the target audience for the new EC, the new development is expected to sell for $580 to $630 per sq ft for the plot ratio. The developers are expecting to attract up to 10 bidders to the site.

The Bukit Batok Master Plan Transformation near Bukit Batok EC is a five-year plan that will transform the town’s landscape. The transformation will focus on transforming the hillview area into a town. It is home to the new Hillier mixed development and HillV2 that will offer a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues. The area near Bukit Batok EC has also been designated as an aged care centre and the Rec Ci Nursing Home opened its doors in 2015. The transformation of the area is a great choice for those who are elderly or need medical care. Furthermore, it is close to major industrial developments like Jurong East Central and the International Business Park. The Bukit Batok estate is also close to retail malls and shopping centres in the city.

Bukit Batok EC is also located near West Mall which is a shopping mall in Bukit Batok, Singapore. It is next to the Bukit Batok MRT station. Currently it houses a Cathay Cineplex, which replaced WE Cinema (formerly Eng Wah Cinemas). The mall opened in February 2013. It is one of the largest in the country. It is also home to a children’s play center. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love the IMAX theater.

The name “Bukit Batok” translates to “coughing hill” in Malay. The word Bukit means “hill” and “batok” means ‘cough’, which reflects the sound of granite mining. This is a Chinese mispronunciation of batu, the Malay word for ‘hill’. The name is more than just a local myth, however. The park in Bukit Gombak is a popular spot for joggers, dog walkers, and Instagrammers alike. Its otherworldly rock formation is worth the visit.

A recent Bukit Batok Master Plan outlines several initiatives to improve the area near to Bukit Batok EC. The new neighbourhood, known as Hillview, will feature a mixed development known as The Hillier, and a brand new train station called the Toh Guan station. It will also have a diverse mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Lastly, the Bukit Batok Masterplan outlined plans to build an aged care facility near to Bukit Batok EC. The Rec Ci Nursing Home opened its doors in March 2015. Whether this is the best option for your family, you’ll be happy to know that there are major industrial developments nearby. You can walk to Jurong East Central, the International Business Park, or the many retail malls and restaurants in the vicinity.

Bukit Batok EC is also near to Lot One Shopping Centre that is located on the east coast of Singapore. It is managed by CapitaMall Trust. The mall was built in 1996. The mall has many amenities. The mall is close to the Choa Chu Kang MRT and LRT station, and is close to the Bus Interchange. It is accessible by public transportation. The nearest bus interchange is Choa Chu Kang MRT. In addition to its renowned retail outlets, the mall also hosts a cinema and library.


Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Located at the corner of Hillview Avenue MRT Station and Hillview Avenue, close to the popular tourism destination of the Botanical Gardens, the Dairy Farm Residences Singapore is a relatively new condominium development. Just twenty years ago, this piece of real estate was home to a series of new developments around the Hillview Avenue. Now, it has been transformed into one of the finest, fully equipped luxury condominiums in the country. Amenities within these units include a fitness studio, a swimming pool, a spa and a hot tub.

Dairy Farm Residences is strategically located to offer convenient access to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and a multitude of dining and shopping experiences within a half-mile radius. Nearby are several premiere restaurants such as those that are along Beauty World Centre and Bukit Timah Plaza. Within walking distance, there are also several major shopping malls, premium boutiques and fine dining establishments at hillV2 shopping mall. There are even two major theaters within a short walking distance! This makes Dairy Farm Residences apartment ideal for residents who enjoy the perks of living so close to the city’s action at Hillview.

Dairy Farm Residences spacious layout of these units make them very ideal for a second or third family that wants to have an easy-access location to the activities within the city. Dairy Farm Residences amenities are very spacious and comfortable including large kitchens with gas stoves, dishwashers and washer/dryers, full size washer/dryers, and high speed internet in each bedroom. There are many common areas within Dairy Farm Residences unit including: the kitchenette, living room, and bedroom for your guest rooms.

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences building itself was constructed by the world renowned architects United Engineers. Dairy Farm Residences distinctive design and construction techniques to create a unique set of features. Dairy Farm Residences unique design and construction techniques are what sets it apart from other Luxury Class A condominiums. Dairy Farm Residences architecture and interior features are also the focus of its developers United Engineers Limited. In order to make certain that you get the most from your stay, consider having a professional of your own personal choosing the amenities you will receive and plan out your sight seeing events around these areas. There are also over 22 restaurants within a walking distance as well as a multitude of shops that offer everything from clothing to home appliances.

Located next door to beautiful hillview estate, this luxurious community offers easy access to some of the finest nature in the area. The beautiful nature view is what first draws potential buyers to Dairy Farm Residences for Sale. Nearby are the charming and secluded towns of Hillview and Bukit Timah, which offer close proximity to nature and the many attractions that are located within a short driving distance. With a warm climate year-round, and spectacular natural scenery, Dairy Farm Residences for Sale is a great place to live in close proximity to nature.

Dairy Farm Residences is also located close to the quaint little town of Hillview, which is known for its quaint atmosphere and its vast collection of art galleries, antique stores, and studios. This bustling town is also home to the highly sought after “arts district.” Within walking distance of each other, you will find some of the most highly sought after specialty galleries and art galleries in the country. Nearby are the many historic houses that were built during the Modern World History. If you are looking for a way to make your home feel like a piece of history while still living in an upscale area, look no further than Farm Homes for Sale. This quaint community has everything needed for a comfortable and convenient existence, right within a short driving distance of all the amenities and attractions of the greater Hillview area.

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences offers year-round housing options. Due to their location, there are not always seasons where a family can choose to purchase a home. For those who are interested in purchasing year-round accommodations, there is a wide selection of fully furnished residences that are located within a short driving distance of Hillview and Bukit Tiamh. You can select from modern apartments to traditional farmhouse style homes, all with all of the amenities and features that are necessary for full enjoyment of the great outdoors at Dairy Farm Residences . With an abundance of green open space, seclusion and privacy are guaranteed. No matter what your lifestyle may be, there is sure to be a home for you in the great outdoors.

The benefits of Searching for Dairy Farm Residences in the Hillview area includes easy access to major highways, state parks, forests and golf courses, shopping at local malls and shopping centers, and easy access to professional service providers for a variety of services. There are many professional realtors available to guide you through the process of finding a perfect residence for your family, whether it be in the great outdoors or nestled within the bosom of the city. No matter what type of residence you are seeking, you will find many excellent Farm Homes for Sale in the Bukit TImah. Whether you are looking for an affordable urban community close to all the action or prefer the serenity of a more rural setting, there is a perfect home waiting for you in the Hillview Estate.

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

The Dairy Farm Residences Singapore condos are perfect for leisure travelers and business people who come here to relax and enjoy. Located in the busy and bustling urban areas of Orchard Road, the condos are well designed and fully furnished with high-end amenities and facilities. There are spacious one and two bedroom suites available. You can choose from various styles and designs such as the ultra modern or the traditional wooden architecture.

Botanical Garden is just around the corner. Nearby is the National Museum of Singapore. The Botanical Garden is a great place to relax and unwind. You can also visit the Night Safari, Tiger Zoo, Underwater World and Singapore Zoo. It is just around the corner, the closest airport to the place.

If you are interested in shopping, then Botanical Gardens is the ideal place for you. The other place near where you can shop is the Orchard Road. If you are a shopper, then Botanical Gardens is the best place for you. Nearby to the shopping malls are the hillV2 Shopping Mall and Hillion Mall. The shopping malls are located in the middle of Hillview MRT Station and provide the best shopping experience. You can easily get all the necessities and groceries that you need in your bags, along with some of the famous brands.

Hillview MRT Station is a popular place for those who want to have a good time shopping. There are some good night clubs located in this vicinity. If you are interested in eating out, then you can go to the nearby restaurants and cafes. Singapore hotels are also located near to the clubs and shopping malls.

When you come to a place which is near to everything, your activities become easier and simpler. Your day will be full of fun and frolic. hillv2 and Hillview MRT Station are nearby. This tourist attraction is a great attraction for the people who have interests in nature and environment. If you are into culture and history, then you can have the right tour guides at your ready so that you can explore the historical places of the Singapore. Some of the good attractions located near the Botanical Garden are the conservatory, the Asian Heritage Centre and the National Museum.

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

If you want a taste of culture and tradition, then you can take the Singapore Clipper Tour which will allow you to visit the shares of Singapore. The closeness of the Botanical Garden and the museums located here give you the opportunity to visit the country’s most popular tourist attraction, the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Other places of interest here include the Singapore Aquarium and the soon to open Singapore Zoo.

When you come to stay in one of the Dairy Farm Residences Singapore condos, you will also find a wide range of activities for the whole family. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities and parks for kids where you and your family can spend some time at Hillview. If you have a special person in your life, then there are also wedding packages offered here that include the ceremony and reception facilities. You can also have a private screening of your favorite movies at the hotel’s discotheque.

If you are looking for a quiet, convenient, and affordable neighborhood in the town of Singapore then look no further than Hillview Residential Estate Singapore. Located right in the middle of Hillview, the neighborhood offers everything a resident could ask for. The estate is also conveniently located near many of the most sought after shopping malls in town, along with the popular Night Markets and the upcoming Chinatown. This is the perfect place for those who want to live in a serene and convenient neighborhood, close to entertainment and dining.

Many people choose to buy homes here because of the amazing schools in the area. Hillview is home to the Raffles Commercial School. Here they can learn both English and Math, making it an ideal education center for the working parent family. There are also many private secondary schools in the area. These include Orchard Secondary School, Pasir Putih Primary School, and the International School Singapore.

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

Dairy Farm Residences Condo at Hillview MRT Station by United Engineers Limited

The spacious neighborhood provides easy access to the major thoroughfares. Residents will find that there are many wonderful stores and restaurants in the area. Some of the most notable include the Max & Mandell, Maxim’s, and The Colonnade. They are also close to the Singapore River and Sentosa, making it easy for residents to get around the island.

With all the benefits that Hillview Residential Estate Singapore has to offer, it’s no surprise that this neighborhood is considered one of the best in Singapore. There are many features that make it a great place to live. Most residents enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the neighborhood. There are also many amenities available that make daily tasks stress-free, such as parks, playgrounds, and senior care.

The closest airport to the neighborhood is the Changi International Airport. It is only 30 miles from the downtown area. The parking lots at the neighborhood are in the middle of the island. There are ample ferries that can take visitors to nearby islands if they choose to visit them. Buses can also be found to the island frequently.

One of the many benefits of living in Hillview Residential Estate Singapore is that it is located so close to so many different things. Residents can travel to the downtown area or their favorite beaches in just a few minutes. A trip to the nearby Hillview and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also readily available. Those who like to stay closer to home can opt to park their cars at Hillview MRT Station.

Another benefit of this neighborhood is the wide variety of views. Some of the views include the skyline of the city, the water on the nearby ocean, and the fast-growing pines and trees along the edge of the Bukit Timah Nature Resreve. The residents of Hillview Residential Estate Singapore have access to the services of some of the best landscaping and gardeners in the world. This allows residents to enjoy beautiful gardens full of flowers, fruit trees, and bushes. There are also several public parks located within walking distance to the area.

Hillview Residential Estate Singapore offers many people a great lifestyle. It has excellent views of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The luxury and convenience of shopping and restaurants allow many people to live here in their dream home. Serene Location has many restaurants, movie theaters, and other fun activities for residents. It’s no wonder why many people love to call it the ‘Best Asian Place to Live’.

Hillview Residential Estate Singapore is conveniently located close to many major cities in the country. In fact, it’s a short rail journey from the city center. Whether you want to enjoy fantastic views of the city or enjoy some of the best Asian cuisine, you can find a luxury apartment that suits your taste anywhere in Hillview.

Hillview provides residents with some of the best views in Singapore. In addition to fantastic views of the city and the surrounding ocean, it also has many great outdoor activities such as trekking, cycling, and horseback riding. These activities allow residents to enjoy the wonderful outdoors and get some much needed exercise.

Hillview Residential Estate Singapore is a great place for you to invest because it has many advantages. Aside from being near to many of the city’s attractions and facilities, it also offers serene views of the ocean. It’s a quiet and peaceful place, away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag in town. However, many people love it for the great views, great people-watching, and amazing ocean views. If you want to live in a luxury apartment with fantastic views, Hillview Residential Estate Singapore is the perfect place to choose.

Dairy Farm Residences developers are United Engineers Limited and are definitely some of the best in the world when it comes to real estate. However, not all of them are on the same level and there is a difference between having a reputed developer with a good track record and one who only have developed residential properties here and there. So, if you are looking for UNITED ENGINEERS LIMITED Singapore real estate, you have to make sure that you do not end up with a developer who only thinks about making money and not making good developments.

You need to check the developer’s background first. Check his or her professional experience in order to determine what kind of real estate he or she specializes in. There should be some kind of certification from a reputable organization. Look for this certification as well as testimonials from other satisfied customers. Do not choose a real estate developer who only has developed properties in his or her area. It is much better if you choose a developer who can build a wide variety of homes and apartments across the nation.

As you are searching for a real estate developer like United Engineers Limited, check the amenities that the developer offers its clients. You might be looking for a fully furnished apartment. In this case, look for a property that is in top condition. A fully furnished property would surely attract more buyers. A fully furnished property also indicates that the real estate developer values his clients’ safety and wants to provide a safe and secure place to live in.

In addition to ensuring that the property is fully furnished, ensure that you have a property manager assigned to look after your needs like United Engineers Limited. This will ensure that the properties are looked after while you are on vacation or out of town. The company also makes sure that properties are kept in good condition and not damaged. Look for a property management company that uses modern methods of communication to handle your concerns. Good communication means that the staffs of the management company understand what you are asking for and they are able to meet these demands.

When choosing an estate developer, you must ensure that the developer employs certified real estate agents to handle all queries related to properties offered by the company. Ask the agent about their experience and how long they have been working with the developer. You must choose an estate developer who is able to offer you affordable rates and is willing to work within your budget range. Choosing the right developer will help you save money in the long run.

As a customer, you must ask the real estate developer questions to help you get the best deal. Find out whether the developer has any past record of legal matters. This will help you avoid future problems when you have disagreements and problems with your real estate developer. If the developer is reliable and reputable, then there will be no problem in dealing with them.

Check whether the developers are using the latest and most advanced technology for the development process. This will help you save time and money as well as protect you from possible problems during the construction process. A good real estate developer uses state-of-the-art technology for the completion of projects such as automated land surveys, site surveys, and site investigations. In addition, the software used by the estate developer must be updated regularly to help you get the most accurate information relating to the properties available.

The Internet is one of the easiest ways to find a good real estate developer in Singapore. You can easily browse the Internet and find out all the information that you need about Singapore property developers. It is important to choose a real estate developer based on the area of interest as well as the price. You will also need to check the credentials of the developer and the experience level. Once you have checked all these details, you will be able to select the best Singapore real estate developer to realize your dream of owning a property in Singapore.

Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang Walking Distance to Bukit Panjang MRT Station

Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang Walking Distance to Bukit Panjang MRT Station

Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang is an integrated mixed development. This development is strategically positioned to provide easy access to major transportation hubs. The development is integrated with the Bukit Panjang MRT Interchange, the last stop on the blue downtown line, connecting to Choa Chu Kang MRT station. Residents of the development will find it easy to commute to work and other locations, thanks to its proximity to public transportation options.

Located in the heart of Bukit Panjang, Senja Close EC is the first mixed development in the western part of Singapore. With three tower blocks with 23-storey residential units, a podium, retail space and an integrated transport hub, Hillion will provide residents with an excellent combination of convenience and lifestyle. The project will be home to a diverse array of residents, ranging from families to those looking for their first home.

The area is surrounded by numerous restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls. Within a short walking distance, residents can take the MRT or the subway to get to the city centre. The underground linkway is protected and sheltered, and is connected to major arterial and expressways. The development will also feature a future bus interchange. Taking public transport is a breeze in this mixed development, as it provides easy access to shopping, dining, movie theatres and banks.

Located along Jelebu Road, Senja Close EC is an integrated mixed development. Its location is convenient for both business and leisure, as it is near the Downtown Line MRT station. The bus interchange is air-conditioned, ensuring a convenient commute. The project will also be connected to an existing LRT line, ensuring seamless access to public transport. And with the arrival of Downtown Line MRT in 2015, the entire development will become even more convenient.

With an integrated MRT/LRT/Bus interchange, Senja Close EC is one of the most accessible mixed developments in the area. It is also strategically located and connected to Bukit Panjang LRT station and the Hillion Mall. Located next to the bukit panjang LRT station, Senja Close EC offers seamless connectivity to both the downtown area and the suburbs.

Situated in the midst of lush scenery, Senja Close EC offers full-fledged fitness facilities and a swimming pool for both men and women. In addition to fitness stations, Senja Close EC features a small swimming pool, cascading pool, and an aqua gym. Several other amenities in the vicinity include a tennis court and jogging track. All these amenities provide its residents with the best possible living experience.

Located near the bustling Hillion Mall, the Bukit Panjang property is surrounded by nature reserves. Its convenient location makes it easy to access public transportation and shopping areas around the area. Despite its proximity to the city, Senja Close EC still offers residents convenient access to shopping at nearby supermarkets and electronic outlets. The nearby Bukit Panjang MRT and LRT station are also close to the apartment.

Located next to Bukit Panjang Park, Senja Close EC offers easy access to nearby nature parks. Residents can stroll through Bukit Panjang Park and take a break from the daily grind with a day of sightseeing or a family outing. Alternatively, families can make use of the nearby schools and take the children to the nature parks. At Senja Close EC, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll with the kids in the surrounding environment.

Located in District 23, Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang is close to various shopping malls. There is a supermarket, department store, and boutiques to satisfy everyone’s needs. Its proximity to the city center makes it easy to go to work or to school without having to leave the property. You can also walk to the Orchard shopping district within 25 minutes. This is an ideal location for businessmen or families to run errands.

The Parks at Hillion Resideces Bu Kit Panjang are conveniently located near many parks and open spaces. The Bukit Panjang Park wraps around the second largest floating wetland in Singapore. There are also nearby amenities such as the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Choa Chu Kang Stadium. For residents who love to spend time outside, there are tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness centres.

Located in District 23, the Senja Close EC are within easy reach of major amenities. Located next to Bukit Panjang MRT and LRT stations, this development is convenient for commuters. Upon completion, the building will have two basement carparks and many retail shops. This will also provide plenty of parking for residents. Upon moving in, expect to be greeted by a welcoming staff and concierge.

The Parks at Hillion Resideces Buket Panjang is conveniently located close to major highways and public transportation. Its address is 8-10 Jelebu Road, which makes it easy to get around the area with ease. Nearby MRT stations include Bukit Panjang, Cashew, and Hillview. Several bus services also pass through the area. Senja Close EC is a great place to live!

One of the most convenient locations for the new Parks at Hillion Resideces is the Bukit Panjang MRT station, which is expected to open in December 2015. The next phase of the project will be the Parks at Tengah Plantation EC Hillion Resideces. In addition to the Parks at Hillion Resideces, there are also a number of other integrated mixed development projects in the area, including the Bedok Residences, J-Gateway, and North Park Residences.

Located in the heart of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Senja Close EC provides the convenience of city living amidst nature. Its location, above a popular shopping mall, is convenient for both residents and commuters, as it is only a short drive to the city’s other major amenities. Its amenities also cater to a diverse set of lifestyle needs, including retail, dining, and fitness options. Shopping and dining options are abundant here, and residents are surrounded by a scenic landscape, including Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Dairy Farm Nature Reserve, and Bukit Panjang Wetland.

The Senja Close EC is conveniently located near several amenities, including the Cashew MRT station, Bukit Panjang Park, and the Petir LRT. Residents can take advantage of the nearby Bukit Panjang Food Centre, a shopping mall that includes a variety of stores, restaurants, eateries, and health and beauty services. The shopping mall is also within walking distance, with an additional retail and dining complex.

The Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang is located near several shopping centres, including the nearby Junction 10 and Bukit Panjang Plaza. Residents can also visit nearby Westmall Shopping Centre, which features traditional Japanese cuisine, and Hillion Shopping Centre, a 24-hour NTUC FairPrice supermarket and Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa. Guests living in this condo will have access to the Orchard district within 25 minutes.

The Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang is an integrated mixed development with a mall on top of its four-storey retail complex. The complex is situated next to a bus interchange, and it is also close to the Bukit Panjang LRT station and the Downtown LRT line. A new MRT station is planned for the area by the end of 2015. The Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang is an upscale development that offers a convenient commute to and from downtown Singapore.

There are many ways to get to and from Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang. There are many bus routes that go near the building. You can also take the taxi service to get to your destination. There are many shops and restaurants in the area. Located just below Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang is a shopping mall with a supermarket, department store, cafes, banks, clinics, and restaurants.

If you want to go shopping or dine out, you don’t have to worry about getting around as the Senja Close EC Bukit Panjang condo is located near several bus routes and train stations. You can easily reach Bukit Panjang Plaza, a heartland mall with various eateries, shops, and a library. However, it is not the only mall nearby. The Lot 1 Shoppe Mall is just a few minutes away.

The closest bus stops are located right outside the Senja Close EC. Whether you’re looking to catch a bus or take the LRT to the nearby Central Business District, you’ll find that public transportation at Senja Close EC is easy. The Integrated Transport Hub at Bukit Panjang will manage most of the services in the Hillion mall. The interchange will also replace the Bukit Panjang Temporary Bus Park. Bus Services 75, 184, and 700/A will no longer operate from the temporary bus park. In January 2020, the Bukit Panjang MRT station will open two overhead pantograph chargers, which will accommodate up to twenty electric buses.

Residents will also have easy access to many other amenities nearby. This development is close to the Downtown Line and the LRT station. Nearby recreational facilities include Bukit Panjang Park, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and Choa Chu Kang Stadium. This is a great location for a family with children. With the abundance of amenities near this development, Senja Close EC will be a great choice for a family with young children.


Create A Colour And Character For Closet at Your Home

Create A Colour And Character For Closet at Your Home

Create A Colour And Character For Closet at Your Home

Regardless of where or what you live in, whether it’s a mansion in the country or a studio apartment in a city, the need for it to appear attractive yet comfortable is of high priority. Whilst many people will spend hours upon hours deciding on colour schemes and creating mood boards, others simply slap on the paint and hope for the best. Although both methods could work, deciding early on as to what type of features will be displayed in the room will help in the creation of it.

One, often overlooked, area within the home that can be dressed up with colour and patterns is the window. Curtains, roller blinds and shutters can all be used to decorate a window, however creating a centre piece for your room will be easier to accomplish with patterned roller blinds.
How to Create Colour and Character Effortlessly

How to Create Colour and Character Effortlessly

Adding colour and character to a home is of extreme importance, especially if you spend a lot of your time there either relaxing or socialising. On way to do this is to purchase decorative features and furniture that is colourful, bright and eye catching. Roller blinds are a particular favourite as they appear neat, tidy and sleek whilst bright and fun.

During the day, roller blinds can be rolled up to reveal the great outdoors and allow natural light to seep into the home. However, at night when the sun is down, the blind can be rolled down to reveal a pretty and eye-catching pattern that is sure to transform a room.

When purchasing a roller blind, it is important to measure both the width of the window pane and the length. Whilst many retailers and manufacturers will sell general and standard sized blinds that are made to fit most sizes, it is definitely worth investing in a made to measure one. These will look much more appealing and tidy in the home and will last longer than traditional ones.

Even if a room is relatively plain and somewhat neutral, items such as window treatments, rugs and cushion covers can all help to add that bit of brightness and personality.

It does not matter whether you enjoy sewing only on your time off or if it is something that you do every day, the materials that are needed for this craft can quickly overwhelm the space in a room. Organizing a storage area for a seamstress will instantly increase the time and effectiveness of each sewing project.

You will also increase your efficiency by using a model that has great sewing machine ratings. There is one effective way that a seamstress can utilize the space they are currently using so they are able to work efficiently, and a prefabricated closet organizer is the answer.
Use a Closet Organizer For Your Crafting Needs

Use a Closet Organizer For Your Crafting Needs

These organizers can fit in any area of the room, but they are best suited for the area nearest the sewing machine or main table. It is fairly simple to keep track of thread and bobbins because they can be kept together in a box or other small container. The main problem for any crafting hobbyist will be to keep all of the bundles of fabric and stacks of patterns from cluttering the work space. There are several ways to make a closet organizer and all of its components work for you.

You Can Use the Shelves for Many Things

The shelves will be instrumental in helping maintain organization. The fabrics that have not been used can easily be stored on the shelves. You can also use the shelves to placed labeled boxes on. This will automatically increase the amount of space that you have on the floor, and it will prevent any accidents that may occur from having these boxes on the floor.

Hangers Provide a Clear View

If you have pieces of fabric that have already been prepped for an upcoming project, you can place them on a hanger to prevent the fabric from wrinkling. Hangers also provide a way for you to see how much material is left in your inventory.

Baskets Are Practical

You can use a wire basket in place of a drawer. These baskets can be pulled out of any space and hold all of the necessary components that are critical to a seamstress or other hobbyist. Some of the items that can be placed in a basket are patterns, spools, and buttons.

Sewing is an extremely fun and relaxing hobby, but all of the necessary materials can quickly clutter a room that is not properly organized. A closet organizer will give you enough space while also allowing the room to stay neat.