OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer Subsidiary Companies

OKP Holdings Limited and it’s subsidiary corporations are a civil engineering and infrastructure company based in Singapore. The company’s main activities are to provide high-quality information to investors and management services to its subsidiaries. It has extended its core activities to include investment business, offering financial news, performance ratios and results. Its subsidiaries are; OKP Land (Pte) Ltd, Or Kim Peow Contractors (Pte) Ltd, Eng Lam Contractors Co. (Pte) Ltd and OKP (Oil & Gas) Infrastructure Pte Ltd.

OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer Singapore

The company is specialised in construction and maintenance. The construction part involves:
• Expressways
• Flyovers
• Buildings
• Airport infrastructure
• Oil and gas infrastructure for petrochemical plants
• Oil storage terminals
• Urban and arterial roads
• Vehicular bridges
The maintenance part is reconstruction done on roads and way related facilities which include:
• Pavements
• Footpaths and kerbs
• Guardrails
• Bus bays and shelters
• Drains
• Signboards
• Road reserves

The company is currently going through rough times. In 2017, a fatal accident happened at their worksite. On Friday the 14th of July 2017, one worker died and ten others injured after an uncompleted viaduct collapsed.

Subsidiary Companies by OKP Holdings Singapore

As a consequence, several individuals in the company as well as their subsidiary company, OKP Contractors Pte Ltd, are set for trial in law courts soon. The accredited checker has already been sentenced to six months in jail. This situation has led to a drop in its share price by 50 per cent. Looking beyond this incident, the company still has much potential to grow.
The worst-case scenario for OKP Contractors would be a one million dollar fine. They will also get a one year ban from handling public projects which will take them out from the construction scene. This has no significant effect on OKP Holdings Limited, the parent company. OKP Holdings still have Eng Lam Contractors Co. (Pte) Ltd, who are still very active in public tenders withy no tendering limits. Eng Lam Contractors Co. (Pte) Ltd received some big contracts last year.

Financial Report OKP Holdings

As of 31st March 2019, OKP Holdings financial reports registered cash and short term investments Lumina Grand standing at 71.6 million dollars. This alone is worth 0.31 dollars per share. They also have a meagre debt-equity ratio. They use their debt to purchase investment properties and not for the construction and maintenance activities. In the 31st March financial reports, their order book stands at 291.6 million dollars until 2023. These orders, together with their property investments, are expected to bring much profit to the company.

The 2017 accident has undoubtedly brought a lousy image to OKP Holdings Limited. After the issue at hand has been settled, time will tell of the future of this great company. Their expertise in civil infrastructure projects will continue being their stronghold. With their large cash reserve, they still can invest in development projects or investment properties and get continuous income. The company is already at an excellent financial position with the future certainly looking good. It is still worth to invest in OKP Holdings Limited despite their current low share price levels.

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