Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Sky International and Tiong Seng Holdings

Sloane Residences, which is situated in the center of Balmoral Road beside the Ocean Sky International and Tiong Seng Holdings, happens to be an innovative freehold establishment. The 2 developers are enlisted in the Singapore Stock Exchange. Sloane Residences is actually the previous Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc which was purchased by TSky Development that comprised of the two developers for that plot of land. Sloane Residences, incorporating the adjoining small piece of land, is going to feature a unique core city center condo which is in the vicinity of the many facilities offered in the Newtown region along with the shopping outlets in the Orchard region.

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road

Exclusive and comprehensive facilities are provided by Sloane Residences which consist of a clubhouse, guard house, tennis court, indoor fitness center, function room, an innovative 50 m swimming pool, kid’s playground, barbecue pits, and sundeck. In a nutshell, your near and dear ones will Marina Gardens Condo be able to enjoy a great time thanks to the amenities offered by the condo. Enjoy a peaceful and hassle-free lifestyle right on Balmoral Road at the core of the city.

Sloane Residences Ocean Sky International and Tiong Seng Holdings

Sloane Residences presents an ideally positioned piece of land which is close to lots of facilities. Quite a few enbloc deals have been closed successfully in the recent past, and all these plots of land happen to be scattered out into various districts in Singapore. Nevertheless, this latest enbloc by Ocean Sky International and Tiong Seng Holdings can be considered to be amongst the better-positioned establishments in the main city center. Moreover, it is a fact that the selling of the hotel was opposed by its owners earlier in the upturn market.

Traditional Style Sloane Court Hotel Enbloc

Sloane Residences has been formed by combining a couple of adjoining plots of land which happens to be the previous old-style Sloane Court Hotel along with an adjacent small piece of land. This combined piece of land is going to have a 1.6 plot ratio plus as much as 38,943 sq. ft. of land area. As per this plot ratio, it is possible to construct approximately 80 units on this plot of land.


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